Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We have not yet begun to fight!


 May 7, 2013


We have big plans for education, Tea Party legislation, and voter registration. Help us raise the funds to carry out these programs.

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Greetings, Fellow Patriots!


"Fight!" That was the theme of our meeting on Thursday night. If we are to restore the Republic, we must fight for it, as did our patriot forefathers. I was heartened to see a "packed house" at our meeting. Many more emailed me and expressed their regret that they were unable to attend. It appears that the opposition has "awakened the sleeping giant," known as the Richmond Tea Party. Our "Action Teams" are filling with volunteers, and many have already received their "marching orders" and are actively engaged in restoring our Nation. Additional volunteers will be launching out this week. If you haven't heard from me yet...you will! All I ask from you is whatever time you can give (a half hour, two hours, or 40 hours per month), plus a little bit extra! We are, after all, at war for our liberty. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so sacrifice!


On Thursday, I spoke of the fighting spirit of John Paul Jones. It bears repeating, so that you'll know what measure of devotion is required of you in this hour.


Read the rest of this important message from RTP Executive Director Larry Nordvig:


 Come Meet Corey Stewart,

Candidate for Lt. Governor


When: Friday, May 10, 6:00-8:00

Where: Mimi's Café, 11275 W. Broad St., Glen Allen, VA 23060


Food and Drinks will be served.


Please RSVP to Madelaine Spangler at MSpangler@coreystewart.com or 804-432-4740.

Support Your
Outreach Committee Event! 

The RTP Minority Outreach and Action Committee (RTPMOAC) is very involved on the local level, bridging the gaps between communities and volunteering its time and resources to bring truth about the 5 Tea Party principles (among other goals) to ALL communities.


RTPMOAC is planning to bring the monumental documentary "Runaway Slave" to Richmond for a free viewing event in the minority community THIS SUMMER! But we need your help raising the money to do it.


Please contribute here, and be sure to direct your donation the outreach committee on the donation form, so that we'll know to assign your donation appropriately. Go to the RTP website for more details.

Dominion Power Offers
Opt-Out for Smart Meters 

In the last General Assembly session, electric utility producers managed to get Senator Tom Garrett's smart meter bill (SB 797) killed in committee.


This week, in a rather surprising move, Dominion Power has begun offering the option to opt out if 1) you currently have a smart meter, or 2) are scheduled to have one installed before May 1, 2014. They are calling the opt-out a Non-Communicating Meter Option.


You have a smart meter if the face has something that looks like an electrical outlet. Here's an example - there are many models.


Information on Dominion's website says that they plan to go to the State Corporation Commission and ask for the ability to charge customers for opting out, but, in the meantime, the change-out is free and there are no additional charges to go back to an analog meter. We are watching the SCC hearing schedule and will advise you when the rate hearing is scheduled.


If you are concerned about health issues, privacy concerns, fires, grid security, or just think smart meters are creepy, we recommend that you contact Dominion to ask for the opt-out application. Read more about the program or call 866-566-6436.


If you are a customer of one of the many rural co-ops, we recommend that you call them and ask that they follow Dominion Power's lead.

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