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Your January 28th Sunday Summary ...

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Meanwhile ...
1.)  Last week was National School Choice week, and a Thomas Jefferson Institute-commissioned Mason-Dixon poll showed the highest support (74 percent) for Virginia’s sole education choice program (the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit) among black voters (here). Overall support is 68 percent; among Democrats, 64 percent. Read the results and methodology here.
2.) Expansion of the EISTC and college partnership lab schools as well as creation of Education Savings Accounts and real charter schools will be considered by the General Assembly this year. This results in adversaries blowing a dog whistle unfairly conflating segregationist policies with modern education choice (here) in an effort to scare Black support away (here). We are confident Black voters are seeing through the Left's scam.
3.) Consistency is not an attribute of the media. In back to back editorials, The Washington Post praised Governor Glenn Youngkin for trying to establish charter schools (here) and attacked him for his mask policies, saying he showed “disdain” for the Virginia Constitution (here) ... in both cases citing the same section of the Virginia Constitution. We pointed out The Post can’t have it both ways here (third letter down here).
4.) The Governor’s Mask-Optional order continues to spur controversy (here). Democratic Senator Chap Petersen, meanwhile, continues to exhibit the independence that makes him (along with Senator Joe Morrissey) the Joe Manchin-Kyrsten Sinema of the Virginia Senate. While not a fan of Executive Orders (he took Ralph Northam to court over it), in a Friday newsletter to constituents, Petersen echoed an earlier newsletter (here) argues that the long-term masking of children cannot become the “new normal,” School Boards have to adopt metrics for phasing out forced masking, and cites The Case Against Masks at Schools (here), asking “At what point do politicians have the courage to say ‘enough?’” It appears the Governor has, but a permanent solution will take something more than him alone.
5.) Morrissey, meanwhile, continued to confound his more leftish colleagues in a hearing for Andrew Wheeler, Youngkin’s nominee for natural resources secretary, asking “Why do you think you’re such a lightning rod of controversy? Because I’ll be clear, what I’ve heard today, particularly on things that are important to me, all sound good.” (here).
6.) Education wasn’t the only Mason-Dixon polling data released by the Institute, as we released a poll showing overwhelming opposition to the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and other expensive Green New Deal efforts (here). You can read the poll and the methodology here.
7.) Institute Senior Fellow Steve Haner also released a review of the tax proposals made by Governor Youngkin (some building on those proposed by Governor Northam), concluding that if adopted they would be “the most significant tax cut in the state’s recent history” (here).
Finally ... we have been tied up and away much of this week at a national strategy session on public sector labor unions, worker freedom, monopoly union contracts and collective bargaining ... so this is both an abridged newsletter and late as well. 
But for those who find their Sunday football ritual interrupted by our little newsletter (you know who you are), we offer a quick summary of the year’s best game ... and a bit of a metaphor for the world of politics and policy.
Happy Sunday Everyone!
Play the Long Game.

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Friday, January 28, 2022

Session Update Jan 2022 Week 3

2022 Session Update
Week 3
VA Delegate John McGuire
(Navy SEAL - Father - Business Owner)
The General Assembly convened on January 12, marking the beginning of the 402nd legislative session of the House of Delegates.
We have much work ahead of us to make Virginia the best place to live work and raise a family. It is honor to be your voice and fight for you in Richmond. We are getting after it!
“Predator Protection Act”
Success: Our bill with Delegate Scott Wyatt to repeal the Predator Protection Act HB257 with Senate amendments, which allowed the Loudoun County school board to try to cover up sexual battery of a child, just passed the education committee 16-5. Our children are number one and it is unconscionable to think that school administrators should sweep this conduct under the rug, instead of informing parents and law enforcement. This is a bill to fix the egregious Democrat policy, which ended mandatory reporting of sexual batter in schools to police. This bill is on its way to the floor. Five Democrats voted against it.

Mask Optional?
Parent choice: Thank you Goochland, Louisa, and Spotsylvania for supporting parental choice with regard to wearing a mask.

Click this interactive NBC 12 link to track Virginia mask mandates by school district.

Weekly Bible Study
I attended Speaker Todd Gilbert’s weekly 7am Wednesday Bible study with former Speaker Bill Howell this morning. It was good to see Governor Youngkin and many fellow Delegates in attendance as well.

Mary Baldwin Visit
Thank you Mary Baldwin University for stopping by to say hello. Founded in 1842, Mary Baldwin University has a proud legacy of innovating to best serve our students as the world changes.
Busy week in Richmond meeting constituents and working on legislation.
NFIB Visit
Thank you NFIB for stopping by to discuss legislation to improve Virginia. NFIB is a member-driven organization advocating for small and independent business owners nationwide.
March for Life
Life is a miracle and must be protected. Happy we have a Governor who will protect our most vulnerable.
Farm Bureau
We appreciate fellow Goochlander and fellow veteran Johnathan Lyle stopping by to represent the Farm Bureau. The Virginia Farm Bureau works to advance the agricultural, economic and political interests of producer members by providing beneficial services and programs which include advocacy, agricultural business development, commodity marketing and policy development and implementation.
Teacher of the Year
Congratulations, Daphne Fulson, for being named 2022 Virginia Teacher of the Year. The governor made the announcement during a ceremony in front of the Executive Mansion. We appreciate Ms. Fulson, and all teachers, who help prepare our young people for life.
Congressman Rob Whitman Visit
Thank you, Congressman Rob Whitman, for all you do to help make Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family. It was great to see you.
Rural Caucus
I attended the Rural Caucus Thursday with legislators at the General Assembly, with special guest speakers Lt. Governor Winsome Sears and Members of Governor Youngkin’s administration. Agriculture and Forestry make up the largest industry in Virginia, with a 70 billion dollars fiscal impact and providing 450,000 jobs!

Father of 2 Denied Kidney Transplant
When he received the news that he was off of the active list, Connors recalled telling his wife, “God’s gonna take this and use it for good.” 
Link to story here
I am committed to adhering to the principal duties of Government, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, the protection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I look forward to seeing you in the District. In the meantime, please continue the teamwork and let me know what you are thinking. You can reach me at or 804-698-1056.
God Bless,

Delegate John McGuire
Virginia House District 56

900 East Main Street
Pocahontas Building,
Suite E213
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-698-1056

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