Saturday, December 31, 2022

I Need Your Help

I Need Your Help
It is New Years Eve,

We have much work to do to make Virginia the best place to live, work, and raise a family in peace.

While under one party Democrat rule in Virginia, radical leftists tried to out-California California with dangerous anti-American woke policies. Thank God Virginia has a Republican Governor, but, the radical left continues to block or water down just about everything Governor Youngkin, Lt.Gov Winsome Sears, other fellow Republicans, and myself are trying to undo or fix. We must win back Republican control of the Senate.

I am asking you to put your faith in me, someone who works hard, has won all three of my state level General Elections, and someone who has one of the most Conservative voting records in Virginia.

We have just 17 hours before the end of the fundraising cycle.

To continue fighting for you, we must raise enough money to win.

If you'd like to donate by mail, please make a check out to "Friends of John McGuire" and send to: Friends of John McGuire P.O. Box 168 Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103

In God We Trust,

Delegate John McGuire
Running for State Senate D10
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Business Owner
America 1st
Family Foundation 100
VCDL 100

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Thursday, December 29, 2022

John McGuire Endorsement List


Just nine days away, our campaign kickoff is January 7, 2023 11am to 2pm at Sportspage Bar and Grill, 36 Broad Street Rd Manakin Sabot, VA 23103. We will have some amazing conservative speakers including E.W.Jackson, Sandy Rios, and Senator Amanda Chase. RSVP to

Excitement is building for our State Senate Campaign. We are humbled to already have solid conservative support, including broad support across all ten counties in Senate District 10. Endorsements include pastors, farmers, legislators, law enforcement, supervisors, business owners, school board members, veterans, and more. Why should you vote for John McGuire? John is a Father, Husband, Navy SEAL, and a 24-year business owner with a solid, proven conservative voting record in the General Assembly.

We will have a convention in May to determine the Republican nominee for State Senate. The most important thing right now is collecting delegate commitments. Please use this form: Click here to submit your commitment to being a delegate for John McGuire at the VA State Senate District 10 Convention. 

Of course we need to raise funds as well. You can contribute online here

See below for a partial list of our endorsements:
McGuire for State Senate Endorsement List
Matt Schlapp, CPAC/American Conservative Union
Sandy Rios, President of Governmental Affairs, American Family Radio
Bishop E.W. Jackson, President STAND, USMC
Morton Blackwell, President Leadership Institute, National Committee Man
Kirby Burch (Powhatan), President of VA Hunting Dog Alliance
Paul Moog, Former Orange County GOP Chair/Founder of VCDL
Senator Amanda Chase, 11th District of Virginia
Former Senator Dick Black, 13th District of Virginia, USMC, Army
House of Delegate Endorsements
Delegate A.C. Cordoza, 91st District of Virginia
Delegate James Edmunds, 60th District of Virginia
Delegate Kathy Byron, 22nd District of Virginia
Delegate Joe McNamara, 8th District of Virginia
Delegate Bill Wiley, 29th District of Virginia, ANG
Delegate Jason Ballard, 12th District of Virginia, Army
Delegate Matt Ferris, 59th District of Virginia
Former Delegate Mark Cole, 88th District of Virginia, Navy
Former Delegate Bob Marshall, 13th District of Virginia
Delegate Dave LaRock, 33rd District of Virginia
Former Delegate John O'Bannon, 73rd District of Virginia
Delegate Thomas C. Wright, 61st District of Virginia
Law Enforcement Endorsements
Sheriff W.G. "Billy" Kidd, Jr., Buckingham County
Sheriff Darrell Hodges, Cumberland County
Sheriff Don Simpson, Appomattox County
Former Goochland County Sheriff James Agnew 
Sheriff Karl Leonard, Chesterfield County, Coast Guard
Sheriff Ricky Walker, Amelia County
Lester "Buzz" Foster, Retired State Trooper, Hanover County, Beaverdam
John Myers, Former GOP Chair, Goochland County, Navy Seabee
Commonwealth Attorney Endorsements
Commonwealth Attorney Les Fleet, Appomattox County
Commonwealth Attorney Michael Caudill, Goochland County
Commonwealth Attorney Rusty McGuire, Lousia County, ANG
Former Commonwealth Attorney Assistant Robert Tracci, Louisa County
Supervisor Endorsements
Supervisor Boogie Davis, Buckingham County
Supervisor Brian Stanley, Cumberland County
Chairman Supervisor David Phelps, Amelia County
Supervisor Sean Davis, Hanover County, ANG
Supervisor Danny Allen, Buckingham County
Supervisor Steve W. McClung, Powhatan County
Supervisor Susan P. Dibble, Hanover County
Supervisor Charlie Vaughters, Goochland County
School Board
Angela Allen, School Board, District 3, Goochland County
Supervisor Bob May, Hanover County
Other Notable Endorsements
Admiral Pat Driscoll, Retired, Blue Angels Flight Leader, Louisa County Resident
Bill Outlaw, Nottaway GOP Chair
Craig Hatchett, Radio Host
Don Blake, President VA Christian Alliance
Fred Gruber, Founder of Louisa County Tea Party, USMC
John Fredericks, Radio Host
The Goochland Tea Party
Mayor Richard Connor, Appomattox County
Phil Rapp, Former Dave Brat Campaign Manager, Army Ranger
Pete Kapuscinski, Buckingham Planning Commission
Shaun Kenney, Editor Republican Standard/Former Chairman Fluvanna BOS
Veterans for America First
David Christian, President In-House Pharmacy Partners LLC, Buckingham
If you would like to endorse Delegate John McGuire for Virginia State Senate District 10, please email
Everything is more expensive these days due to inflation, our communities are less safe, and our education system needs an overhaul. I'm running for State Senate in 2023 so that we can stop the "wokeness" and "un-California" Virginia. It starts with election integrity. I invite you and your friends to join me in this cause. Take care, please spread the word, and I look forward to seeing you around the district!
God Bless America,

Delegate John McGuire
Running for State Senate D10
Jesus is my Savior
Navy SEAL 
Business Owner
America 1st
Family Foundation 100
VCDL 100

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