Sunday, May 19, 2013

VA-ALERT: Convention wrapup

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The VCDL booth was swamped all day long and there were lots of people carrying guns. ;-) And almost everyone walking around had on at least one of the various VCDL stickers, and a majority had on more than one:

Guns Save Lives
No Gun Control
No JMDD (Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis)

The VCDL-PAC's effort to keep anti-gun Jeannemarie Davis from getting the nomination for Lt. Governor was wildly successful - she was knocked out of the running on the first ballot!

Senator Mark Obenshain won the nomination for Attorney General over Rob Bell by a narrow margin. No doubt that the VCDL-PAC's endorsement made the difference. That was a bittersweet win for the VCDL-PAC because Rob Bell was an excellent candidate, with a great voting record, and a well-coordinated campaign lobbying gun owners at almost every single VCDL event for the last several months. (Senator Obenshain had an excellent voting record as well, but had carried some gun bills, including a VCDL bill, and so was given the VCDL-PAC's endorsement.) I'm sure we'll see Rob down the road running for higher office again.

The candidates for Lt. Governor, **all of whom were excellent candidates and excellent on guns,** were whittled down in round after round: Senator Steve Martin, Susan Stimpson, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter (who was endorsed by the VCDL-PAC for his strong voting record on gun rights), Corey Stewart , and Pete Snyder were eliminated.

The nomination for Lt. Governor went to E.W. Jackson and he got it by a decent margin.

E.W. Jackson is excellent on guns and other liberties. He is also a powerful orator, who can grab the attention of those in the room (he is a preacher, which probably helps his command of an audience).

I had the unenviable job of speaking AFTER E.W. Jackson at a meeting in Richmond last year. He was a tough act to follow and I got a knowing laugh from the audience when I said so. ;-)

VCDL-PAC chairman, Bob Sadtler, sent me this tidbit to add to this alert:


Jeannemarie's campaign was giving out Gadsden style fans saying:

"Don't tread on me
Jeannemarie Davis
Lt. Governor"

An evil genius, who shall remain nameless, realized that you could put the VCDL "No Jeannemarie Devolites-Davis" stickers over each side, and place a different Lt. Governor sticker over the bottom if the fan. That, for example, made the fan read:

"Tread on
Jeannemarie Davis
Lingamfelter for Lt. Gov."

The crowd, delegates, vendors, and guests alike, thought this was HILARIOUS! We gave out a stack at least a foot thick!

Now, on to the House and Senate races!

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