Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I need your help...


Dear Friends, 

I hope you find my legislative alerts helpful!  Some of my Richmond colleagues prefer I not talk about Republican tax increases, expanding government, and the political games played by party insiders. 

This is why I need your help in the next few days.  I won my swing district in 2011.  Barack Obama won this same district in 2012.   Democrats who previously rejected two candidates have hand-picked, Atif Qarni, a teacher, to win the 13th Legislative District which I have represented since 1992.  
I am one of only two Republican delegates who spoke on the floor of the General Assembly against the largest Virginia tax increase ever, spearheaded by our Republican Governor and Republican leaders. 
Starting July 1, there will be significant increases in the sales tax, car tax, diesel fuel tax, rental tool tax, vending machine sales; and in Northern Virginia, an increased tax on home sales and hotel stays in addition to increasing the sales tax (also in Tidewater) from 5% to 6%!. 
I fought for you against our tax and spend Republicans.  Republican leaders responded by setting up a PAC to protect Republicans who voted for tax hikes – hikes which trump any the Democrats passed! 
Former presidential candidate, Governor Howard Dean has promised to spend at least $750,000 to unseat five Republican House of Delegates members using Obama’s 2012 voter base  and  grassroots “community organizing.”  I will need to work hard to win.  
Since my first election in 1991, I have embraced Ronald Reagan’s positions on economic and social policies because when the family falls apart, “we the taxpayers” pick up the pieces. 
Irresponsible behavior does have social consequences, including higher taxes and intrusive government.  Unfortunately, many Richmond Republican leaders are taking counsel of their fears, instead of our conservative principles. 
This year the Governor and other Republican leaders supported the nomination of an anti-traditional family political activist to become a judge.  They also accommodated Obamacare, raised taxes and paved the way for a massive expansion of the fraud ridden Medicaid program.
Richmond Republicans are abandoning the principles which attracted so many Americans to Ronald Reagan while Democrats push their liberal social programs which grow the welfare state and harm families. Our Republican Speaker even bragged, “Name one bill that’s come out of committee that’s a social bill … you can’t.” (Washington Examiner 1/26/13)  
As Republicans retreat, Democrats advance.  Democrat governor candidate, Terry McAuliffe, has voiced strong support for same sex “marriage.”  (I authored the 2006 voter approved one-man, one-woman Constitutional Marriage amendment.) 
McAuliffe proclaims he is “pro-choice” even opposing common sense health and safety standards upheld by federal courts for women seeking abortions.   When Democrats talk about women’s “health clinics,” recall Dr. Gosnell’s multiple murder convictions and his Philadelphia chamber of horrors abortion center where a Virginia woman was killed.   
The other Republican ploy of having a stealth “Commission” add 400,000 recipients to the current One Million Medicaid recipients will require much higher taxes (even more than the recent hike) and cuts in programs down the road.
I know we have to help those truly unable to help themselves but the current Medicaid program is so fraud ridden that Congress’ own Government Accountability Office cannot tell the extent of it!  Payments continue to dead doctors to treat deceased patients, and to immigrants who had been long deported.  
AG Cuccinelli made clear that the General Assembly cannot empower a “Commission” to expand Medicaid.  Yet, the Governor and a majority of Republicans did so anyway.   If legislators are not required to vote to raise taxes or expand government, but can instead delegate their power to unelected persons, we have moved from self-government to self-deception.  
And our Republican leaders refused to even hold a hearing on my bills addressing Obama’s violation of our First Amendment conscience and religious freedom rights.  Obama wants to compel us to buy insurance to cover abortion pills, sterilization operations and birth control, even if against our conscience or religion.  My bills would have challenged the tyrannical HHS mandate.  Instead, Republican leaders sought to avoid "controversy."
I care about Virginians just like you do!  In 2007, I was the only elected official to win a law suit over the Governor, Speaker and Attorney General to block taxation without representation. 
If Life and Liberty are threatened, I don’t take a poll, I don’t count the odds, and I don’t give up.   I will continue to fight for you, but I cannot do this alone.
May 31 is an important campaign reporting deadline.  The next deadline is June 15 just after the June 11 primary.  A strong show of donations may even discourage my opponents’ supporters.   If my fundraising lags, that will entice democrats to come after me hard.  Plus, helping me will also help our statewide candidates in my district.   
You may donate by check or online.  No amount is too small! Checks can be made to “Friends of Bob Marshall,” and mailed to: PO Box 421, Manassas, VA 20108.  Corporate or business donations are legal. My email is delegatebob@gmail.com.  Thank you for whatever you can do to help me!
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