Monday, May 6, 2013

Liberty is ours, from God

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Dear Convention Delegate:

You have most likely been receiving a great deal of emails and phone calls from the various aspiring office holders. I understand what an intrusion and inconvenience that can be and have tried to keep my communication to substantive issues of experiencerecord, vision, and policy matters a Lt. Governor would have before him/her.

We were able to spend some time grilling and visiting with my family last evening, after coming off the road from four straight days of travel, with numerous delegation meet and greets around the state. I thoroughly enjoyed the visits with and hospitality of so many, from Virginia Beach to the deep southwest and so many points in between. The ever increasing commitments of support that came to me even this week are greatly appreciated.   

If you can get to Richmond on Friday, May 17th, please join me at the Liberty Lounge in the main lobby of the Marriott (linked to the convention center via catwalk). The Steve Martin Hospitality Suite will be the Liberty Lounge itself. How appropriate, given my long and consistent record of commitment to the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise, and competitive markets. We would enjoy having you and I hope you will be able to join us.

It is my view that God built freedom and a desire for liberty into every fiber of our being. He grants our liberty, and the only remaining questions are whether government defends and helps protect that liberty, and how we receive and handle it ourselves. Our founders' recognition of God's granting of our liberties - and their commitment to its protection - has made this nation great. Our nation and our Commonwealth's future is dependent on what we do now to preserve it.

I'm counting on your support in our fight for liberty, look forward to seeing you at the convention, and hope to see you at the Liberty Lounge on Friday evening, May 17th. With a confidence that you share my vision for Virginia's future, I invite you to join us in support via

It's been my privilege to provide a consistently solid conservative record of public service, and am thankful for the opportunity I've been granted to do so. It would be a high honor to use my experience and commitment to core principles to serve as your next Lt. Governor. Please research us each carefully, making sure we are who we represent ourselves to be, and cast your vote accordingly. 

God Bless,
Steve Martin 
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