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CFV: Become a delegate today!!! Everything you need right here.

Dear Virginia,

Do not wait!!! Become a delegate today!!!

Delegates are not "bound" in Virginia no matter what the candidates might tell you, you do not have to be a delegate for a specific candidate, so you don't have to have decided yet. But you must register. There is also no limit to the number of voters/delegates for this convention. 

1. Anyone can vote (also called "be a delegate") this year.
2. Get your voter ID number here
3. Fill out the form (from the link above) and take/email it/fill out their online form but get it to your local GOP committee (go here to find out where that is).
4. Do it TODAY because there are deadlines.

The convention sites can also be provided by the local committees once they are all identified and Chasing Freedom - Virginia will be publishing all the locations as well. Watch our website
Serve as an Election Official

Also, if you didn't like how the last election was handled. Then now is your chance to make sure it is handled right this time. Register to be a Virginia Election Official. I registered/applied in under 1 minute. Do it today. Click here. 
Vet Candidates

Politics is a participation sport. Our vetting boards will be starting soon. If you want to hep us with these interviews, sign up to be a member of a vetting board. If you want to be able to vote for endorsement with us on the 24th of April please sign up to be a member

If you like what we are doing please donate. All donations go to getting information out to voters so that we can elect conservatives in November. 

See all our upcoming events below. 

Your servant,

Tom Speciale
Chasing Freedom – Virginia,
Board Chair
Donate now.
Join Chasing Freedom - Virginia
April 8th - CFV Candidate Online "Take the gloves off" Debate
  • Attorney General Candidates (400 to 530 pm)
  • LT Governors Candidates (600 to 730 pm)
  • Gubernatorial Candidates (800 to 930 pm)
April 10th -  CFV Veterans Rally - Electric Palm, Woodbridge VA 6:30pm to TBD (all candidates are invited)

April 12th - CFV Candidate Conservative Ratings Released

April 24th - CFV Faith, Family and Life Breakfast - Family Foundation, 8-10am, 707 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23219 (all candidates are invited)

May 1st - CFV 2A Coalition Meeting - Bull Daddy's Restaurant, Bar and Game Room, 630pm - UTC, 7431 Richmond Hwy, Appomattox, VA 24522 (all candidates will be invited)
March Candidate forums. 

We conducted three forums two weeks for the three state-wide races - Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. 
Join Chasing Freedom - Virginia
Chasing Freedom – Virginia is a 501(c)(4) under the United States IRS code.  We are an open community organization of Virginia citizens and common cause interest groups. We follow a policy of non-alignment with regard to any specific political party.  Our members are dedicated to preserving and promoting our individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as envisioned by our nation's founders.

Our Goals

• Serve as a unified voice in Virginia for grassroots activists and organizations.
• Mobilize "the People" of Virginia in the defense of conservative values.
• Be a trusted source of information on civics and Virginia politics.
• Vet, approve, endorse, and support conservative candidates across Virginia.

We believe in the brilliance of our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the framework contained therein for the preservation and promotion of our social welfare and the common good of all Virginia citizens. With this understanding we plan to passionately reinvigorate civic responsibility and restore "of, by and for the people" to its rightful place in our Republic.

We believe...

• THE CONSTITUTION is the Law of the Land. Our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; as enshrined in the Bill of Rights, serve to limit the government as intended by the Founders.
• RELIGIOUS LIBERTY is a cornerstone of our Constitution and must be protected as an inalienable human right.
• THE 2nd AMENDMENT, serves to protect The People against domestic and foreign oppression and must be protected as an inalienable human right.
• All citizens, in order to realize their fullest potential, are entitled to EQUAL RIGHTS, EQUAL JUSTICE, and EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, not equal outcomes.
• THE FAMILY is the most essential and most empowering organization in our shared human existence.
• ALL LIFE IS PRECIOUS and must be protected.
• THE FREE ENTERPRISE system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice. Fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraint must be exercised by all levels of government.
• PEACE is preserved through a STRONG NATIONAL DEFENSE.
• GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY is essential to maintain trust and faith with The People.
• OUR HISTORY and the associated memoria serve as guideposts in our journey as a Nation, to serve as reminders of our shared sacrifices and as warnings to future generations.

Chasing Freedom – Virginia is a union of coalitions devoted to our shared values.
1.  Citizen and Candidate Training Coalition
2.  Civil Rights Coalition
3.  Constitution Coalition
4.  Criminal Justice Coalition
5.  Economic and Business Coalition
6.  Education Coalition
7.  Faith Coalition
8.  Family Coalition
9.  Free Speech Coalition
10. Health Care Coalition
11. Life Coalition
12. National Defense Coalition
13. Outreach Coalition
14. 2nd Amendment Coalition
15. Veterans Coalition
16. Virginia History Coalition

Donate now.
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Friday, March 26, 2021

VA PAC - Conference Call Reminder

STAND Virginia PAC
Leadership Conference Call

Friday, March 26  at 3 PM ET

Call: 339-207-8553

No Access Code Necessary

Please respond to the following:
I will be in attendance
I cannot attend
Our mailing address is:
P.O. Box 15003
Chesapeake, VA 23328
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