Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Strong Partner in Richmond




I'm sure you've seen the news stories about the IRS admitting it targeted conservatives who believe in smaller and more transparent government.  Apparently, they demanded information about volunteers and members of conservative groups and slowed their applications to a crawl, while liberal groups received no such treatment.

We can't let this kind of heavy-handed attacks on liberty stand.

Actions like these are why I think it's so important to defend and protect our Constitution in all levels of government.  It's why we need to make sure our rights to speech and to peaceably assemble are secure, along with our Second Amendment rights.

And these actions of the IRS are just the latest example of misdeeds that we must stand up against. Congressman Rigell will need strong partners in Richmond to help stop Federal encroachment.

I wore our nation's uniform and served in war to protect our liberties.  And I am the best choice to continue the fight in Richmond.

Who do you trust to change government and hold it accountable?  A conservative veteran who has bled on foreign soil for freedom?  Or a decades-long political insider?

I'm counting on your support to bring real, strong, change to government.


 Please Visit www.scotttaylorva.com and join our campaign that is focused on issues that are important to you and your family.



Very Respectfully,  Scott Taylor 


P.S. Please join us tomorrow morning, Saturday May 18th at 9:30am  for Neighborhood Knocking! 4768 Euclid Rd, Suite 105 Virginia Beach, VA23462











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