Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Friend, Steve Martin

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Dear Fellow Republican Delegates,


Although we realize as a Convention delegate you receive many emails and other information about the candidates, we would still appreciate you taking a moment to find out why we believe that Senator Steve Martin is the best and most logical choice for Lt. Governor.


We have known Steve Martin for 35 years and have seen him in action as our
Delegate and then Senator - consistently and courageously fighting for our conservative values, often against great odds. In his many legislative battles, Steve has remained true to our conservative cause. In his 25 years in the General Assembly, we have always been able to count on Steve to champion conservatism and protect our Constitutional rights.  In the crucial role of Lt. Governor, we need a principled conservative with unmatched experience in the legislative process.  One who is also knowledgeable about the many needs and challenges facing our Commonwealth, and how to meet them.  We simply cannot afford to have any less. Steve is the only candidate who fulfills these requirements.


Steve Martin's legislative record clearly shows his principled conservative leadership - Chief Patron of the Healthcare Freedom Act challenging Obama Care, and Chief Patron of Governor Allen's historic Welfare Reform legislation; Patron of Parental Notification, School Choice, and the Ban on Human Cloning legislation; as well as Co-Patron of the Car Tax Cut and the Death Tax Elimination legislation. His many accomplishments have been recognized by the American Conservative Union, which named him a "Defender of Liberty," along with 100% ratings from the Family Foundation, the National Federation of Independent Business, and the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, which named him a "Champion of Free Enterprise."


Thank you for letting us share our reasons for supporting Steve Martin for Lt. Governor.  See you at the Convention!






Steve and Gwynn Stastny

Chesterfield County



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