Tuesday, July 18, 2017

LNC seeks applicants for Credentials Committee


LNC seeks applicants
for Credentials Committee

The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) is seeking applicants to serve on the Credentials Committee for the June 30–July 3, 2018, national convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. The LNC expects to make the appointments during its Aug. 19–20, 2017, meeting so as to give the committee plenty of time to do its work.

The LNC appoints 5 of the 10 Credentials Committee members. The Credentials Committee members gather and verify delegate data in the months leading up to the national convention, and then are expected to work onsite throughout the national convention.

Committee members will be expected to invest an appreciable amount of their time into doing their jobs. Any travel costs incurred will be at personal expense.

If you are willing to serve in these LNC-appointed positions, apply by completing this webform no later than Aug. 10, 2017.

Alicia Mattson
LNC Secretary





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Thursday, July 6, 2017

ICYMI: 4th of July

Dear Friend,
Our 4th of July celebrations are always a great time when we can celebrate our love of our country, as well as visit with our friends and neighbors across the 10th district. We had a great time this year, once again, celebrating in every corner of the district! All of the work that is put into these celebrations is always inspiring. Thank you to all those who organized all of the many special events and thank you to all those who came out to celebrate! And a special thank you to all of our military, law enforcement, and first responders who make us a safe and secure community and country. 
Barbara Comstock 

4th of July, 2017 


We kicked off the festivities in Lovettsville with the annual Lovettsville Independence Day Parade held the night before! We always enjoy catching up with Mayor Bob Zoldos and joining our local officials for what is always a big turnout.





Great Falls 4th of July Festival and Parade includes a "Little Patriot" parade for kids on the green, a 5k run, a community parade and Fireworks at the Turner Farm. Celebrate Great Falls always puts on a great get-together for friends and neighbors and we were happy to be a sponsor for this year's fireworks. We made an early stop in Great Falls to greet our volunteers!






For the Leesburg 4th of July Parade, we joined many of our local officials – Sheriff Chapman, Delegates Tag Greason, Randy Minchew, and Dave LaRock, Supervisor Ron Meyer (along with his wife Celia and new baby, Lincoln at her first parade!), as well as candidate for Governor, Ed Gillespie and candidate for Attorney General, John Adams.  The hot weather made for high demand for our hand fans and our “I Love Loudoun” stickers lined the parade route!



 Thanks to the great crew who turned out for the festivities in Leesburg!






After the Leesburg parade, we headed to the Purcellville Parade but made a swing by Gruto's for ice cream with our next Governor, Ed Gillespie before the parade started!



Marched in the Purcellville Parade! So much American Pride!






It was a hot day and Chip and I got to make a quick stop at Peterson's Ice Cream Depot in Clifton and we ran into Delegate Tim Hugo getting ready for the parade





Then we went to the Manassas Festival where everyone was fired up for the4th and the Manassas fireworks!






Our last parade of the day was the Middletown 4th of July Parade where we joined my friend and colleague, Delegate Chris Collins! Thanks to Mayor Charles Harbaugh for his hospitality.





Our final stop for the day was back home in McLean where we visited with friends and neighbors before the McLean Fireworks!



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Friday, June 30, 2017

FOIA Council and Subcommittee meetings July 11, August 1, and August 14

Dear FOIA Council Members and Interested Parties:

This message is to notify you of upcoming meetings of the FOIA Council and the Proprietary Records and Trade Secrets (PRTS) Subcommittee.

The PRTS Subcommittee will meet at 10 AM on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 and at 10 AM on Tuesday, August 1, 2017.  Both meetings will be in House Room 2 of the Capitol Building, Richmond, Virginia, 23219.  These will be the third and fourth meetings of the Subcommittee this year.  As a reminder, the Subcommittee consists of Council members Delegate LeMunyon (Chair), King-Casey, Porto, Seltzer and Vucci.

The full FOIA Council will meet at 1:30 PM on Monday, August 14, 2017 and at 1:30 PM on Monday, November 20, 2017.  Both meetings will be in House Room 1 of the Capitol Building.

As an additional reminder, the Division of Legislative Services (DLS), including FOIA Council staff, has moved out of the General Assembly Building and into the Pocahontas Building.  We no longer have a separate local phone number for the FOIA Council, but you may reach us in the Richmond area using the main DLS number: (804) 698-1810.  The toll-free number for the FOIA Council remains the same: (866) 448-4100.  The new fax number is (804) 698-1899.  The new address at the Pocahontas Building is 900 East Main St., 10th Floor, Richmond, Virginia 23219.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need additional information.


Maria J.K. Everett, Executive Director and Senior Attorney
Alan Gernhardt, Senior Attorney
Jessica L. Budd, Staff Attorney
Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council

900 East Main St., 10th Floor

Richmond, Virginia 23219

(804) 698-1810 

1-866-448-4100 (toll free)

The staff of the Freedom of Information Advisory Council is authorized to issue advisory opinions. Please be advised that any staff advisory opinion delivered by e-mail is based solely upon the facts and information presented in your attached e-mail inquiry.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Endorsement for VA Governor Candidate

Dear Friend,

Next Tuesday, June 13th, Virginians will go to the polls to nominate candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor in what will be a most consequential election.

I will be voting for Jill Vogel in the race for Lieutenant Governor and would ask you to join me in supporting an accomplished, effective, and principled servant leader whose constitutional world view and focus on growing Virginia's economy makes her best qualified to help lead this great Commonwealth.

I firmly believe our best leaders are those who run towards the fight and lead others to stand for what is right. In coming to know Jill, I see in her that tenacity, that fighter's spirit and willingness to lead the charge. That is the same spirit which continues to guide my own fight for our Constitutional principles.

In 2010, as the Democrats moved to socialize our health care system under Obamacare, Jill wasted no time in fighting back. Before Obamacare had even been signed into law, Jill took charge and passed legislation declaring Obamacare's individual mandate to be illegal in Virginia. Her legislative leadership  set up Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's court challenge against one of the most egregious attacks on our Constitution of the modern era.

When Barack Obama's IRS targeted the Tea Party and conservative groups for exercising their First Amendment rights, Jill again ran towards the fight. She helped lead a successful defense of citizen groups attacked by an overreaching federal government bent on silencing dissent against Obama's liberal agenda.

In Virginia's Senate, Jill has consistently defended our God-given right to keep and bear arms, earning her an A+ rating from the NRA as well as the endorsement of the VCDL-PAC. These achievements are not easily earned. They are awarded not for having an "acceptable" voting record. Jill earned the highest marks by carrying strong legislation to defend and advance our rights.

Though all three Republican candidates are pro-life, Jill stands alone in being the only one to introduce legislation defending unborn children against the cruelty of abortion. Again, Jill ran towards the fight, carrying legislation cracking down on unsafe clinics and protecting would-be mothers and their unborn children.

Jill Vogel believes that every citizen should be treated fairly and equally by our government, no matter what their background. That's why she is a champion for religious liberty which is under intense attack. She voted for HB 1324 to protect religious charities and schools from government discrimination for their beliefs about marriage. She will be a warrior for smaller government, less regulation and lower taxes.

While all three candidates oppose illegal immigration, Jill is the only one to introduce legislation and lead the charge to uphold the rule of law in Virginia. Her bills would have required our Governor to work with ICE to investigate and deport criminal illegal aliens, as well as prohibit those here illegally from receiving in-state tuition benefits at our colleges and universities.

However, the most fundamental test for my support of any candidate is not only whether the person is right on policy, but whether he or she has the integrity to earn my trust. I trust Jill Vogel. I cannot say that about any other candidate in the race for LG. She says what she means and means what she says, but she also thoughtful and listens to good counsel. She is precisely who Virginia needs at this time in our history.

Now is Virginia's time for choosing.

We must nominate bold conservatives who can unite our party, win in November, and immediately get to work cleaning up after four years of Governor Terry McAuliffe's failed liberal leadership and incessant attacks on our Constitution and foundational values.

We cannot afford to back down. We cannot afford to run from this fight.

The future of Virginia is at stake.

Next Tuesday, please join me in voting for Jill Vogel as our next Lieutenant Governor.

P. S. – Please join us in fighting for our Constitutional principles by forwarding this email to your family and friends and ask them to join us in supporting Jill Vogel for Lieutenant Governor.




For God & Country,



E. W. Jackson 

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hell Freezes Over - Washington Post Endorses Frank Wagner

Frank Wagner for Governor
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Hell Freezes Over - Washington Post Endorses Frank Wagner


We know it's not necessarily a badge of honor to be endorsed by the Washington Post, but their take on the race for the Republican nomination is spot on.  In case you missed it this morning, the Washington Post endorsement editorial says:

In the Republican race, the most sensible and, by a country mile, the most principled of the three candidates is state Sen. Frank Wagner….

As for the Republicans, the choice for us is simpler. Mr. Wagner is in some ways a GOP version of Mr. Northam — down-to-earth, substantive, principled and well-versed in policy and the ways of Richmond.

By contrast, the putative front-runner, Ed Gillespie, a former Republican national chair and George W. Bush White House veteran who has dodged debates, is more opportunistic, proposing a pie-in-the-sky tax cut that disintegrates upon contact with reality.

As for the third candidate, Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart, his candidacy has been a romp through the fetid fields of intolerance and Confederacy nostalgia.

The Post is right: Frank Wagner is the only experienced, principled candidate.  He's also the only military veteran.  And, yes!, Ed Gillespie has been dodging debates since Easter.  He is taking you for granted and his claims about his reckless tax plan have proven to be a lie.

Our shared goal for this November's race for Governor is to win!  Virginia Republicans haven't won a statewide race this decade!  Senator Frank Wagner has won 10 elections in swing districts.  Ed Gillespie, in the best year for Republicans in 20 years, lost his election in 2014.

The governor we elect in November will be the deciding factor for congressional and legislative redistricting for the next decade.  There is so much at stake in November, let's nominate a proven winner who can win in November.

On Tuesday, June 13th, vote for the Republican candidate for Governor who has proven he can win tough elections.  Vote for Senator Frank Wagner.
Bill Stanley Testimonial - Frank Wagner for Governor

"There is no better Virginian serving in the General Assembly who knows what Southside and Southwest Virginia needs than Frank Wagner." - Senator Bill Stanley

Liberty Debate Frank Closing Remarks

Frank's Closing Remarks at the Liberty Debate

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