Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We Cannot Afford to Lose

Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor of  Virginia -- ACTIVATE IMAGES NOW TO SEE THE BANNER!


Many on the campaign trail have spoken of taking the fight to the Democrats after winning the nomination. But who among the Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor has truly shown the ability to go into Democrat areas and win? Due to the immense concentration of liberals in the high population area of Northern Virginia, it is critical that we nominate not just a conservative candidate, but a principled leader who can help our Republican ticket perform well enough in Northern Virginia to win statewide.
We cannot afford to lose this race for Lt. Governor. A loss would hand control of the State Senate over to the Democrats and allow them to push their liberal agenda on our great Commonwealth.
It is not the joy of a win that motivated me to run for Lieutenant Governor, but the understanding of the true cost of a loss that fuels me. It is why I have devoted so much time on the campaign trail addressing electability.
In order to be Lt. Governor, our nominee has to first win in November. While other candidates, if nominated, would have to learn on the fly how to win votes in Northern Virginia and Fairfax, in particular, I have proven that I can get those votes and build the coalitions needed to win a statewide general election. Furthermore, I can get these votes without abandoning our principles!
As I approach this general election, I am not going to simply cross my fingers and hope that a different electorate shows up in November 2013 than the one that swept Barack Obama to a second term. I understand the reality of the situation: no Republican candidate can win statewide unless that candidate wins at least 45% of the vote in Northern Virginia. The majority of voters are women and 30% of the voters in Northern Virginia are Hispanic, Korean and Vietnamese. That means that in order to win the necessary number of votes to retain our statewide offices, Republican candidates must appeal to women voters and to the diverse communities of our Commonwealth. I have done so, and I will do so again.
My District was so liberal that only 25% of my constituents were Republicans and yet I won four times – twice with 60% of the vote! And each time, I was targeted by the Democrat party and outspent. I consistently voted pro-life and was the only Republican to vote for the Marriage Amendment who represented a district where the Marriage Amendment failed. I have proven that I can win in tough districts and unify voters.
I decided to run for Lt. Governor because I knew that I had the experience and convictions to make me Ready to Lead from Day One. However, I also knew that, in order to lead, I first needed to win. Our Party needs a nominee who understands the challenges of the general election ahead, has proven that they can take them head on and emerge victorious, and can partner with Ken Cuccinelli to build a winning coalition for Republicans this fall.
Will you stand with me on May 18th? I need your support because the cost of a loss this fall is simply too much to bear. I am ready and able to beat the Democrats in the General Election, and I have a proven record of building the winning coalition needed to succeed in the most difficult region in Virginia.
I invite you to go to my website at to learn more about me and to get more information about the convention and, if you are so inclined, I’d appreciate your financial support of my campaign, as well.
I look forward to seeing you on May 18th!
Ready to Win,
Paid for and Authorized by Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor

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