Friday, July 31, 2020

*UPDATED* Virtual Meeting Link - Aug 4 FOIA Council Meeting

Good Morning,

Please see attached for an agenda with an UPDATED meeting link. The original agenda contained a Zoom link that cannot handle high volumes of traffic. For purposes of observing Tuesday's meeting, please utilize the link on the attached agenda. During the meeting, please send in any public comments to to be read at the conclusion of the meeting. 

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Alan Gernhardt, Esq., Executive Director 
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Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council

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The staff of the Freedom of Information Advisory Council is authorized to issue advisory opinions. Please be advised that any staff advisory opinion delivered by e-mail is based solely upon the facts and information presented in your attached e-mail inquiry.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Northam's Tyranny Targeting Hampton Roads Bars AND Churches

New executive order #68 designed to shut down bars in HR, Oh, and RELIGION too.
Gov. Northam's latest order openly targets Hampton Roads bars by drawing spurious conclusions from questionable data. Northam said his measure “effectively closes the bars,” adding that “we all know alcohol changes your judgment.” --according to

In addition to singling out bars, order 68, like order 67, singles out religious services as a more restricted category of "in-person gatherings" rather than the more apt classification that includes social clubs and performing arts venues. The latter classification, labeled "Entertainment and Amusement Businesses," the number of attendees remains the lesser of 50% of the occupancy permitted or 1000 persons.

The "All Public And Private In-Person Gatherings" section adds new language to not require families to physically distance while in their own home.
The religion restrictions begins with "Nothing in this Order is intended to place further restrictions on religious services. As permitted in Executive Order 67 and Order of Public Health Emergency Seven," and continues with a reiteration of Order 67 requirements up to "If religious services cannot be conducted in compliance with the above requirements, they must not be held in-person."
However it follows up with this contradictory text:
"Further, any social gathering held in connection with a religious service is subject to the public and private in-person gatherings restriction of 50 individuals or less. "
The enforcement section is similar to order 67 but broken down into 3 paragraphs. While the language is stronger toward the victim "business listed in paragraph 1," Churches are not listed in paragraph 1 so are only subject to the State Health Commissioner, who may "seek injunctive relief..." (M.Norman Oliver, MD, MA, State Health Commissioner)

The consequences of the executive branch of Virginia attempting to write law without the normal process that laws and regulations go through, is unclear, contradictory, and messy language that does little to address the problem at hand. In this case it's questionable whether the pandemic is even being addressed when Northam clearly attacks drinking in bars and church attendance without solid evidence to justify either. There is absolutely no cause to rationalize the squelching of our First Amendment right to freely worship. Was this slipped into order#68 specifically to threaten the megachurches common in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia?
Searched: biggest mega churches in Virginia

The confusion is amplified by ambitious politicians in local governments, eager to implement perceived new powers of control.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

VA-ALERT: Status update on "no local gun-control" resolution in various localities

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1. Powhatan County becomes 6th locality to pass VCDL resolution
2. Falls Church City Council voted to move forward with hearing and vote on proposed gun-control ordinance
3. Action item: Bedford County
Action item: Craig County to vote on resolution
Action item: Franklin County
6. Action item: Front Royal vote coming up
7. Action item: King George County to consider resolution
8. Mathews County
Action item: Nelson County has resolution, no action at this time
10. Pulaski County
Action item: Rappahannock County to hear resolution
12. Action item: Town of Strasburg vote coming up
13. Action item: Warren County vote coming up
14. Wythe County to look at resolution TONIGHT, July 28

Monday, July 27, 2020

Pro-Life Stalwart Delegate Wendell Walker Endorses Jack for Chairman

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Pro-Life Stalwart Delegate Wendell Walker Endorses Jack Wilson for RPV Chairman

Fellow Republicans!

You and I both know there can be no compromise on the inalienable right to life. 

Now not every Republican agrees that we should stand by our pro-life values, but it is something that I believe firmly as a Christian – and though I'm willing to disagree among friends, my personal convictions are strong, principled, and absolute that every human being deserves the right to exist.

That is why I am proud to announce the support of fellow pro-life stalwarts like Delegate Wendell Walker, a principled man and a great soul:

"In Richmond, the threats against the values that make America great are endless.  In times such as these, we need a Republican Party strong enough to grow while wise enough to remain true to our founding principles.

"Jack Wilson is a principled leader who wants to grow our party the right way.  Jack deserves the support of every pro-life activist in Virginia, and I know that if we unite behind Jack's ability to bring people together for common purpose, our best days as Republicans will be ahead of us, not behind."

-- Delegate Wendell Walker, 23rd District, Virginia House of Delegates

Maybe I am just old fashioned, but I don't believe in the idea that "addition by subtraction" is the best way to grow a business, a family, or a state party.

Now some of us do.

…and that's precisely why this election for RPV Chairman is so vitally important.

You see, I don't believe we have to throw away our principles in order to win. 

Nor do we have to take the three demographics where Republicans are losing – youth, suburbs, and women – and tell them they shouldn't sit on our State Central Committee.

If you want to know why this contest for RPV Chairman is important, there it is.

Addition by subtraction doesn't grow businesses, families, or state parties.

That's why I am so proud to have the endorsement of men like Delegate Wendell Walker – a known pro-life stalwart and a Christian gentleman – and thousands of others just like him who understand that we are stronger together.

I look forward to earning your support on August 15th, my friend!
Yours in Republican Victory,

Jack Wilson
Republican Party of Virginia

PS:  Just real quick, but if you think about donating to the Republican Party of Virginia (or know of someone who ought to be), click here and send them this link

I am deeply honored to have the endorsement of Delegate Wendell Walker, whom many of you know has served our Republican Party as a pro-life leader for decades. I look forward to joining him and you in defense of our shared conservative principles.  
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Jack Wilson for Chairman
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KGTP Newsletter - 27 July 2020

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

As noted in the earlier e-mails I sent out, we are preparing to host a rally under the banner of One Nation Under God.  Planning continues and I will send out more about this over the next couple of days.  There are a few things that we will absolutely need and here is where you can provide a big assist.  I will call for volunteers to direct traffic within the parking lot, to pass out agendas to the car drivers and small American flags to the children, and coordinate the volunteer "cruisers" carrying American flags in a loop along Main Street.  More to come in a later e-mail but please do lend a hand in this effort where you can.

The woke mob has now hit King George County.  Below is a link to an article regarding the two monuments located at the King George Courthouse.  When I read this article I recounted the phrase posted on another website that said, "Don't let Orwell's book '1984' be a how-to manual."  Unfortunately, it appears that KG's David Jones, of DRHT fame, didn't get that message.  Jones' biggest complaint is that the monuments honor "the wrong people" and therefore should be removed from public view.

It amazes me how someone like Jones can be so arrogant as to say a thing like that.  America is the greatest nation in the world not because we "get it right" the first time but because we are a learning culture able to admit our shortcomings, take corrective action, and work to make a better future.  That is why history, studying history, and historical monuments are so important.  Such is also why religion is so much of a part of our national heritage - because grace, forgiveness and hope for the future are part of the deal.  We need the benchmarks of our past, even if flawed, to ensure that such errors are not repeated.  Aside from that, who is Jones to say that his perspective is more important than of those that erected the monument in the first place?

Confederate descendant asks King George to remove monument that is 'an insult to Black citizens' | Local News |

Many of you attended the meeting last month where we had an excellent presentation on ANTIFA.  More information from the briefing's presenter and his cohort is available here:

SPIDER & THE FLY - The False Allure of Communism

And now, some TEA Party-related news….

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Your July 26th Sunday Summary ...

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Dear Friend of TJI,

Congress is now working on yet another coronavirus rescue bill, designed to spend another $1-3 trillion and adding to the national debt.  But its not just about money ....  Ruchir Sharma notes in The Wall Street Journal that easy money and constant stimulus have undermined the basic dynamics of the free market, and argues that "the world economy went into this pandemic vulnerable to another financial crisis precisely because it had already become so fragile, so heavily dependent on constant government help."  And we're paying the price in low growth and productivity, falling entrepreneurship and rising inequality.   It's not a short read, but its one worth reading. (click here).
Meanwhile ...
1.)  The bills for the August 18 General Assembly special session have begun to arise and the first to be introduced is from Senator Steve Newman, limiting any governor's ability to rule by Executive Order to 30 days. Our Senior Fellow, Steve Haner, has the story here, and there's a radio news story specifically on Newman's bill here.
2.)  On the agenda for the special session is policing reform, and the Thomas Jefferson Institute issued a white paper encouraging that General Assembly members limit the scope of police union collective bargaining to compensation and benefits before Virginia's new collective bargaining law takes effect (click here). Without the limit, police union contracts will follow the path of every other state and city, where police chiefs regularly find their efforts to discipline police misconduct hampered and overturned. The Virginian-Pilot's news story made much the same point, pointing out that the Norfolk police union is already laying the groundwork for collective bargaining (click here). Democrat leadership is hoping to ignore the proposal (click here), but not all agree: Delegate Mark Levine, chairman of the public Safety Subcommittee, appears open to the issue (click here.)

3.)  Although the main point of the special session is designed to be the Virginia budget, affected by the pandemic, not least of which is that Virginia has had a record 1.5 million unemployment claims and the fund is running out of money.  Haner, again, has the story here.
4.)  Haner has also made a point of following the new COVID-19 Workplace regulations rushed through by Governor Ralph Northam's appointees and which far exceed any other state's standard or the federal standards. Haner outlines here the three important things for employers of all sizes and shapes (including local governments, schools, non-profits, churches and businesses) need to remember, starting with "There is No Escape." (click here).
5.)  Meanwhile, employers are scrambling to make sense of and follow the new regulations (click here), which are expected to go into effect this week and with which employers will have 30 days to comply. Another webinar is set to help explain, and you can register by clicking here. A news story on the regs can be found here.
6.)  The Left absolutely hates "Dark Money" and behind the scenes string-pulling ... except, of course when they pull the strings. Arthur Bloom, of the American Conservative, offers one theory in looking at some of the elements coming together as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline came apart (click here). Over at Bacon's Rebellion, Jim Bacon offers a commentary on the commentary (click here).
7.)  The Richmond City School Superintendent says he will recommend removing SROs from the schools. So is Charlottesville and Albemarle.  They obviously chose not to review a state-wide survey of 106,000 students in 299 high schools reporting that 70 percent of high school students feel the SROs make them feel safe (click here). "Making kids endangered" doesn't sound like a winning slogan.
8.)  A Virginia Commonwealth University Advisory Committee has recommended "de-commemoration and removal of the name and all associated mentions and references to the Dooley Hospital," on the grounds that "Dooley served in the confederate army." James Dooley enlisted as a private, was wounded, taken prisoner, and after released was discharged due to his disabilities. He also, as Jim Bacon notes here, "donated the funds during the Influenza epidemic of 1919 for the construction of the hospital ...was a leading philanthropist, he supported the arts, and he advocated universal public education. He and his wife also left bequests to establish the Richmond Public Library, St. Joseph's Villa, and the Crippled Children's Hospital."  The narrative of the Left is now to judge the sum of a person's life based on a two-year stint as a private. We suspect that narrative opens for them a pathway to go after ... well, you know ... this guy.
9.)  Remember Nicholas Sandmann? He was the Covington (KY) Catholic High School student who attended the March for Life in 2019 and was confronted, along with other students, by a group of Native American activists. Media coverage, led by The Washington Post, portrayed Sandmann and the students as aggressors, making life for him and his family a living hell, but the stories epitomized "Fake News." In a victory for truth, the Post settled his $250 million lawsuit on Friday (following an earlier settlement with CNN). Catch the story here and here

10.)  In 2011, Robert Unanue, president of Goya Foods, stood with President Barack Obama and said he was "honored and humbled" to be alongside the President.  No one, including conservatives, complained.  Nine years later, Unanue stood beside President Donald Trump to participate in the White House Prosperity Initiative.  The Left promptly went ballistic, urging a boycott of Goya's products.  Nothing symbolizes the totalitarianism of the Left than its insistence on "groupthink."  In response, 27-year-old Casey Harper of Arlington started a GoFundMe page to buy Goya products and donate them to food banks (click here), exceeding all his expectations.  And you can read Unanue's clear-headed reasoning of his position in this interview by the Wall Street Journal's Tunku Varadarajan (click here).

Finally, the National Pastime has begun again, and with it comes a reminder of all that once was good.

Happy Sunday, Everyone.

Play Ball!  Oh ... and Buy Goya!

Chris Braunlich

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