Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What to Expect at the Convention

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Dear Convention Delegate,
The excitement is building as we are just three days away from selecting the Republican nominees for Lt. Governor and Attorney General for the November election!
I have heard from many delegates who are still a little unsure about how the convention process works and have questions about transportation, parking and the program. Following is a brief description of what to expect.
Friday,  May 17th
 Official committee meetings will take place on May 17th leading up to the RPV Gala Dinner to be held at the Convention Center. Click here for more details about the day’s program and how to purchase tickets to the Gala.
 If you are arriving on Friday it is recommended that you stop by the Convention Registration table to pick up your credentials that day in order to avoid long lines on Saturday. Friday Registration is from 8 AM to 7Pm. You will need a photo ID in order to register and to vote on Saturday.
 Following the dinner there will be many Hospitality Suites being sponsored by Ken Cuccinelli, the candidates for Lt. Governor and Attorney General and several conservative organizations.
 The Jeannemarie for Lt. Governor Hospitality Suite will feature an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social and will be located at the Convention Center from 9:00 PM until 11:30 PM. We hope you will come by and say Hello and enjoy fellowship with other Republican delegates from around the Commonwealth. It’s also a great opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have about my campaign, issues and what my goals are as the next Lt. Governor of Virginia.
 Saturday, May 18th
 On Saturday morning, the Republican Party of Virginia will be hosting a breakfast. Information about the breakfast can be found on the RPV website
 Registration will be at the Convention Center and begins at 7:30 AM. After picking up your credentials, you will make your way to the Coliseum, directly across the street, where the Convention will be held.
 The convention will convene at 10 AM at the Richmond Coliseum. The candidates’ speeches are scheduled to begin at 11 AM and each candidate will have seven minutes for their presentation. We anticipate that the first ballot voting will begin around 12:45 PM
 The first ballot will include voting for both the Lt. Governor and Attorney General nominations. Since there are only two candidates for Attorney General, that nomination will be determined on the first ballot. Since there are seven candidates for Lt. Governor we expect several rounds of balloting, as the nominee must secure 50% plus one of the votes in order to secure the nomination.
 You must be seated with the other delegates in your local jurisdiction during the voting, as voting will be by jurisdiction, but are free to sit and mingle with friends from other jurisdictions both before and between votes.
 You will want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes as it could be a long afternoon!
 Food will be available both in the Coliseum and outside of the Coliseum. The RPV has arranged for several food vendors who will be located between the Coliseum and the Convention Center. You will be allowed to reenter the Coliseum but must have your credentials that you picked up when you registered.
 Our campaign is providing coach bus service from most regions of the Commonwealth. If you are interested in riding the bus rather than driving and finding a place to park, please contact Kyle Robinson at and he will be happy to connect you to the field director in your area who can let you know where the closest bus pickup location is to your home.
 This will be a very exciting Convention and I hope you will enjoy your experience!
 I look forward to seeing you at the Convention. It would be an honor and a true privilege to serve as your next Lt. Governor and I humbly ask for your vote.
 Ready to Lead,
Paid for and Authorized  by Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor

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