Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Integrity and Ability

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Dear Convention Delegate:

Let's move past the empty rhetoric we have been served and get on with the serious business of nominating a statewide ticket that has integrity, experience, and a positive record of accomplishment.

Terry McAuliffe lacks integrity; both he and Aneesh Chopra lack experience and positive records of accomplishment. They are big government liberals who will never acknowledge having enough of your money for them and their associates to spend. It is crucial to nominate a Lt. Governor candidate who stands in contrast with them. One who has adhered faithfully to the principles of limited government, free enterprise, competitive markets, and individual liberty - and can demonstrate it through his record.

You should know me as that candidate. One whose life and record can provide you with absolute confidence in how he will conduct himself in office. A candidate with a plan for jobs, and for cutting taxes; reducing government intrusion and regulation, and defending our liberty.

Join our campaign at Let us know of your support and, if possible, help us continue our campaign for conservative values across Virginia with a contribution. No amount could be considered too small or great - and anything you are able to donate is appreciated.

Please plan on joining us at the Liberty Lounge in the main lobby of the Marriott Hotel, on the evening of May 17th. I look forward to seeing you at our hospitality suite.

Thank you for the privilege and trusting me with the responsibility of public service.

God Bless,
Steve Martin  
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