Friday, May 10, 2013

Saluting Mom This Weekend


This Sunday is all about one the most important people in my life and yours: Mom. Faced with raising her three young children as a single mother, she pressed forward.  She had to.  I reflect on her strength, commitment to her children, and resourcefulness.



That's me on the left.


Up before sunrise, doing the laundry and getting her kids ready for school would be her morning routine before heading off to the hospital for work. There was no one else to do it; she was the cleaner, the plumber, and the mechanic. To keep food on the table and a roof above our heads, she consistently worked overtime, sacrificing her own time to give us more opportunities than she had. She was tired, she was lonely, and she was strong.


She was always there, proud when her kids graduated college, boarding a plane for the first time in her life to attend my graduation from Navy SEAL training in California. I carried a tear-jerking letter of a gratified mother's love from her with me into the military, kept it close, taking it with me to war.


I wouldn't forget to send her love on Mother's day while in Iraq, below is a picture from Baghdad, 2005. She would be standing in the airport to receive me, injured on a combat operation, taking care of me while I recovered.



Every mother's day, I salute my mother for her bravery, her sacrifice, and her unconditional love.



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Very Respectfully,  Scott Taylor 


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