Monday, May 13, 2013

Notes from Sunday Night Conference Call


    Thank you to all of you who joined us for Sunday night's conference call!   We only have 5 days between us and victory, and we need to make every moment count.   Below are some important attachments that you need to take a look at.

(1) Proposed Rules - These are the rules that we will be voting on to adopt on Friday afternoon.   We need as many of you as possible to ARRIVE NO LATER THAN 12:00noon ON FRIDAY so you can register and get in there to help us vote on the rules.   We want to vote to adopt the rules as written, but there are some candidates who want to change the rules and that is why we need as may of you there as possible.

(2) Schedule - Here is the convention schedule.   One of the things that is not on here is that we are holding the training session for all of our SECTION LEADERS and UNIT COORDINATORS at 4:00PM ON FRIDAY in the Coliseum.   We need ALL of our Section Leaders and Unit Coordinators there for the training.   Also our hospitality suite will be in the Marriott Hotel starting at 9pm on Friday.

(3) Volunteer Slots - We need to fill a LOT of volunteer slots for Friday and Saturday.   If you will look at the time slots for the different positions, you will see that many of them DO NOT overlap.   So I will ask each of you to pick TWO SLOTS to fill for this weekend.   Note that we really need the Section Leaders and the Unit Coordinators to cover FRIDAY AND SATURDAY.   If you are a Section Leader or Unit Coordinator and you CANNOT be there on Friday, please let me know.

(4) Voting Procedures - Please read over this until you have memorized it.   It is very important that you know exactly how the process works so that you can explain it to people.   I have been to a lot of conventions where everybody had a different understanding of the voting procedures.   It was a mess to say the least.

    Things are looking very good for us right now, but WE MUST NOT LET THE DISEASE OF OVERCONFIDENCE CONSUME US and we must redouble our efforts this final week to ensure our victory!   Make a commitment today to make 40 phone calls a day for Jackson so we can elect him as Virginia's 40th Lt. Governor!   God Bless!

For God and Country,
Daniel Bradshaw
Political Director

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