Monday, May 23, 2022

“[A]ll We Need You to Do is Give us the Gun”: U.K. Launches National Firearm Surrender Campaign

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"[A]ll We Need You to Do is Give us the Gun": U.K. Launches National Firearm Surrender Campaign
On March 12, a two-week campaign was launched in the United Kingdom to encourage subjects of Her Majesty the Queen to surrender firearms, ammunition, weapons, and any other object even vaguely reminiscent of a gun to local police stations.
Choke Point
Choke Point "Lite"
Ten years ago, the Obama Administration introduced "Operation Choke Point," a program to weaponize the banking industry and financial service providers against certain lawful businesses and merchants. Implemented by Eric Holder's Department of Justice and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the ostensible objective was to fight consumer fraud by cutting off access to credit and bank services for businesses classified as "high risk" (e.g., online gambling sites, escort services, payday loan operations, and those that had a higher incidence of consumer complaints, returns, or chargebacks).
ATF Partners with Anti-gun Researchers to Expand Agency's Power
ATF Partners with Anti-gun Researchers to Expand Agency's Power
On May 17, the Department of Justice announced the release of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives publication titled the National Firearms in Commerce and Trafficking Assessment (NFCTA). The report is the result of the Biden-Harris Administration's April 2021 "Initial Actions to Address the Gun Violence," which called for the creation of "an annual report on firearms trafficking." The May 17 release is the first volume in a planned four-volume series.
Attending NRA Annual Meetings? Don't Forget to RSVP for the NRA-ILA 2022 Political Update!
Attending NRA Annual Meetings? Don't Forget to RSVP for the NRA-ILA 2022 Political Update!
You're invited to join NRA-ILA for an important Political Update Meeting at NRA's 151st Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Houston! Get the latest and most critical information on your Second Amendment rights from NRA-ILA staff.  Choose from one of three NRA-ILA Political Update Meetings, May 27th-29th and RSVP below:


Alaska Alaska
Alaska: Legislature Fails to Pass Pro-2A Legislation as it Adjourns
California California
California: Anti-Gun Bills Eligible for Floor Votes
Minnesota Minnesota
Minnesota: Conference Committee Assembled to Consider Omnibus Legislation
Missouri Missouri
Missouri: General Assembly Adjourns from 2022 Legislative Session
Nevada Nevada
RSVP Now for the Nevada NRA State Conference on June 4!
New Jersey New Jersey
New Jersey: "Mandatory Jail" Bill Scheduled for Senate Hearing Thursday
North Carolina North Carolina
North Carolina: 2022 Legislative Session Convenes Today
Oklahoma Oklahoma
Oklahoma: House Passes Important Firearm Discrimination Prevention Measure
Oklahoma: Your Action Needed - Majority Floor Leader Greg McCortney Refuses to Bring Firearm Discrimination Prevention Measure to a Vote
South Carolina South Carolina
South Carolina: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die from 2022 Session
Vermont Vermont
Vermont: Legislature Adjourned For 2022
Wisconsin Wisconsin
Save the Date! 2022 Wisconsin NRA State Conference is June 18th!
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