Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Latest Attack For Receiving Conservative Support

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Dear Robert 

As you may have seen, some in the media, doing the bidding for another candidate in the race for Lieutenant Governor, are now attacking me because a conservative group sent out campaign mailers benefiting my campaign for Lieutenant Governor. One of these "news" outlets even insinuated that we may have violated the law.  This is hogwash. 

Virginians for Limited Government, (VLG) a conservative 501(c)(4) organization which has supported multiple conservative causes in Virginia, recently sent out mailers highlighting my record of cutting spending and taxes.  These newspapers have insinuated that because I have supported conservative groups like VLG in the past means that I have therefore coordinated with them.  That is not how the law operates, since "coordination" refers to coordinating expenditures, not fundraising.  A 1-minute telephone call to the Virginia Board of Elections could have clarified this, but none of these newspapers even bothered.  Do these attacks sound familiar? They should, since VLG is just the type of conservative organization that the IRS and the liberal media has been targeting. 

In conjunction with one of my current opponents, these press attacks are now being disseminated by my former Democratic opponent, John Gray.  Which by the way, how does a former Democratic candidate get a copy of the 2013 Republican Delegate list?

From another Lieutenant Governor campaign?

Ever since winning the support of The Virginia Tea Party Federation and Middle Resolution, I have been under fire from groups who are trying to undermine my record of Conservative governance. They do not like the fact that I have implemented the nation's toughest crackdown on illegal immigration. They do not want to give me credit for eliminating spending, cutting taxes, and shrinking the size of government in Prince William County.  I have been attacked by the press in the past, but I did not back down then. And I will not back down now.  

These attacks will not discourage me from storming into Richmond and winning the nomination at the convention on Saturday.

I know grassroots conservatives like you want a strong candidate who won't back down. You want a leader presiding over the 20-20 Senate who will not stray from our shared conservative principles even in the face of adversity.

I have stood up to liberals, the media and even moderates in our party for conservative values.

I ask for your vote on Saturday so I can do the same in Richmond.

Corey Stewart

Republican Candidate for Lt. Governor

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