Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Crossroads

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We have a fight on our hands this November.

If you’re like me, you’re watching Washington, D.C. with quite a bit of trepidation right now.

As we’ve seen in the recent past, the Democratic Party will bring millions of dollars into Virginia from D.C. Labor Unions, Beltway insiders, and friends of the President from around the Country to elect Terry McAuliffe and the Democratic ticket. 

Are we going to allow Terry McAuliffe to bring President Obama’s vision of America to Virginia?

If McAuliffe and his special interest groups gain control of the Governor’s office, you will see a compliant Virginia that goes along with federal government mandates, federal government intrusions, and harmful policies that will hurt economic growth and job creation.

You and I cannot let this happen.

On May 18th, Virginia Republicans gathered in the Richmond Coliseum – over 8,000 strong – to nominate Ken Cuccinelli as our nominee to be Virginia’s next Governor, E.W. Jackson to be our tie-breaking vote in the State Senate as Lieutenant Governor, and Senator Mark Obenshain to be our next Attorney General.

It’s a team that understands individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations.

It’s a team that will continue to fight to protect the economic interest of Virginia's entrepreneurs and small businesses against aggressive federal intrusion, regulatory policy, and overburdening taxation.

It's a team that will work to create more opportunities for hard-working Virginians.

Can we count on you to help elect this Republican ticket in November?

Your contribution of $25, $50 or $100 will help us fight Terry McAuliffe’s plans to remake Virginia into his vision of Washington, D.C. Just click here to donate via our secure, online form.

We need to stop them in their tracks – right here in Virginia in 2013.

Will you join us?

Pat Mullins, Chairman
Republican Party of Virginia

P.S. President Obama, the national Democrats and the Washington, D.C. based Labor Unions are putting millions into Virginia to elect Terry McAuliffe to push their big government agenda. Will you stand with us to stop them? Just click here to donate today!


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