Friday, May 3, 2013

Today's Editorial and Walking Holes In My Shoes






 Friends, The Virginian-Pilot again published what everyone now knows but Gary Byler won't acknowledge - The Byler campaign pushed a disgusting attack of false images to the press and to Republican Party officials in an effort to smear and embarrass me.


Today's article completely contradicts Byler's public statements that his campaign had nothing to do with it.  Other media reporters confirm that the Byler campaign was behind the push to peddle these fabrications.  The Byler campaign called, emailed and met with reporters, urging them to print the false images and tried to convince them they were not fake. 


Now that the truth is out, and it is because I would not let his smear against my character stand, Byler can't launch a last-minute attack alleging these documents are real, harming my family and I. If he does I will sue all responsible members in the Byler campaign for every penny they are worth.


I will continue to be focused like a laser beam on issues important to families living in the 85th District.  I am on the campaign trail every day and  I have walked holes in my shoes (my favorite shoes!), knocking on doors to talk to voters.




I have learned so much from people I have spoken with on the campaign trail:Our neighbors want a leader who has served our country and will take  a leadership role in the General Assembly assisting veterans (The 85th is full of veterans). As you know, I served as a U.S. Navy SEAL in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Global War on Terror, and Central and South America. I continue to advocate for Veterans on FOX News and while serving on a The Virginia War Memorial Board of Trustees.

They want a leader who will represent them in Richmond and work for legislation and policies that solves problems real people face every day. Incredibly, during our last debate Gary Byler could not think of a single bill he would offer if he was Delegate.

Our neighbors want to make sure their representative in the General Assembly stands firm on our Constitutional rights as individuals and as Virginians and stands against efforts to weaken our Second Amendment rights. I will stand firm against gun control and other threats to our constitutional rights.Our neighbors want a safe city and safe schools. I have already offered plans and ideas to do just that.

For months I have worked to let my neighbors in the 85th District get to know who I am and what I believe in. I am humbled to have received so much support and I will work tirelessly to keep their support and trust.  

I am looking forward to another great weekend meeting with my neighbors and new friends in our 85th District. Please Visit and join our campaign that is focused on issues that are important to you and your family.



Very Respectfully,  Scott Taylor 


P.S. Please join us tomorrow morning, Saturday May 4th at 9:30AM for a neighborhood Knock! 4768 Euclid Rd, Suite 105 Virginia Beach, VA23462










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