Monday, January 7, 2013

The Big Government Crowd Isn't About To Stop

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Dear Friends and Fellow Virginians,

By now you’ve probably heard about our great victory for Virginia taxpayers and against the unbridled ambition of the EPA’s bureaucracy. If not, you can click here to read some of the recent articles about our big win.

I worked with the Democrat-controlled Board of Supervisors in Fairfax County on behalf of all Virginians and against the federal government’s power grab because it was the right thing to do.

While this is a step in the right direction, I can guarantee you that the big-government crowd isn’t going to give up. Those who favor the unbridled growth of the federal bureaucracy won’t stop trying to expand their authority. This was a test case for the EPA to expand their authority into local land use decisions. They wanted to see just how far they could go to grab power from states and localities.

But this case goes beyond Virginia. Right after I heard the judge’s ruling, I called the Democrat Attorney General of Missouri, Chris Koster, to tell him the news. Why? Because there are three more instances of the EPA using this same argument to expand their authority. And they’re all in Missouri.

I’m running for Governor because I want to continue to work on behalf of all Virginians to expand opportunity and prevent power-grabs by out-of-touch federal agencies trying to restrict economic growth here in Virginia.

But I need your help. Please click here to support our campaign today!

Starting on Wednesday, I won’t be able to raise money for the next 6 weeks while the General Assembly is in session -- but my opponent will be able to. While I won’t be able accept donations for a month and a half, my opponent will be able to. He is a prolific Clinton fundraiser and in 2009, when he last ran for Governor, he raised over $7.5 million in five months with almost a million of that coming directly from unions.

In order to continue this fight, I need your help. Even if you can chip in $5, $10, or $25, every bit helps. Please click here to contribute immediately.

As your next governor I want to continue Governor McDonnell’s record of making Virginia a model for other states to follow by expanding economic opportunity through promoting free markets.

I need your help to win, and your generous support of $5, $10, $25 or even $50 before midnight on Tuesday would be a huge help.

It’s important that Virginia continues to carry the torch for liberty. Thanks for your continued support!


Ken Cuccinelli II
Attorney General of Virginia

p.s. I could use your support by midnight Tuesday so that we can keep our campaign moving forward and taking a stand for all Virginians. Please click here to chip in. Your donation of $25, $15, or even $5 would really mean a lot to me.

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