Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Protect Religious Liberty, Oppose the Obamacare HHS Mandate!

Dear Friend of Religious Freedom:


We will be sending out the alert below and would appreciate it if you would send something to your members as well.


Thank you for your help.




Delegate Bob Marshall




If you object to Obamacare infringing on your religious freedom by requiring you to pay for health insurance which covers birth control, abortion pills (even for ten year olds without parental notice or consent) and sterilization, then please contact the members of the Commerce and Labor Committee (list below) no later than Sunday, January 20, 2013, in support of my religious freedom legislation!


HB 1314   Protects employers from being forced to comply with the HHS mandate.

HB 1315   Protects individuals who buy their own health insurance, from being forced to buy an  HHS-mandate compliant policy.

HB 1417   Provides that the Commonwealth of Virginia is not obligated to provide insurance coverage for abortion pills, sterilizations, and contraceptives to its employees.


Commerce & Labor Committee


Chairman Terry Kilgore / 804-698-1001 /

Delegate Harry Purkey / 804-698-1082 /

Delegate Kathy Byron / 804-698-1022 /

Delegate Lee Ware / 804-698-1065 /

Delegate Tim Hugo / 804-698-1040 /

Delegate Tom Rust / 804-698-1086 /

Delegate Danny Marshall / 804-698-1014 /

Delegate Ben Cline / 804-698-1024 /

Delegate Jackson Miller / 804-698-1050 /

Delegate Don Merricks / 804-698-1016 /

Delegate Manoli Loupassi / 804-698-1068 /

Delegate John Cosgrove / 804-698-1078 /

Delegate Rob Bell / 804-698-1058 /

Delegate Barbara Comstock / 804-698-1034 /

Delegate Gregory Habeeb / 804-698-1008 /

Delegate Joe Johnson / 804-698-1004 /

Delegate Johnny Joannou / 804-698-1079 / none

Delegate Kenny Alexander / 804-698-1089 /

Delegate Jennifer McClellan / 804-698-1071 /

Delegate Jeion Ward / 804-698-1092 /

Delegate Lynwood Lewis / 804-698-1000 /

Delegate Roslyn Tyler / 804-698-1075 /



--President Obama’s HHS mandate forces businesses and individuals to provide and purchase contraception, early abortion pills and sterilizations or face fines of $100 per day, or $2000 per year per employee.

--The Founders proclaimed our First Amendment recognizing religious freedom as a natural right. The HHS mandate violates religious liberty.

--Arizona and Missouri already passed laws in 2012 countering the HHS Mandate. Missouri’s legislature overrode their Governor .

--A Dean at Catholic University Law School, and former U.S. Civil Rights Commissioner under Reagan, and another attorney who beat Barack Obama in a First Amendment Case in the U.S. Supreme Court were among those who helped draft the bills. 


CEO David Green of Hobby Lobby has 500+ craft stores (4 in Virginia) and 22,000 employees.  He faces fines of $1.3 million per day for refusing to comply with the HHS Mandate.  Forty-plus lawsuits have been filed to challenge this mandate, yet Congress has not passed a law to defund or stop it.  States must step up, in the spirit of the 10th Amendment, to protect its citizens.


Two recent news stories indicate that Republican leaders want to kill “social issue” bills to avoid media controversy, so I need your help more than ever to protect our religious liberty and rights of conscience!


Few people take the time to communicate with their elected representatives at the state level, so your effort will make an impact. Please ask a friend or two to join this effort! If you haven’t already, please sign the petition in support of my legislation here. To learn who represents you, click here.

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