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Richmond Report


Dear Friends,
Here is my Richmond Report thus far in the 2013 General Assembly.
HB 1316, Sex Selection Abortion Ban Tabled 
Despite sex selection abortion bans being favored by 77% of respondents (2012 Lozier Poll) and four states outlawing such abortions (including the Democrat controlled Illinois legislature), a Courts of Justice Subcommittee failed to pass my bill. 
A reluctance by Assembly Republicans to deal with social issues was noted by media reports (Virginia AP 1/13/13):  “Democrats would lay low on the abortion issue in the media ... and in return, Republican leadership would send one GOP vote over to the Democrats' side on any new piece of anti-abortion legislation that is introduced in order to ensure that it does not pass.” (Huffington Post 1/11/13)
Republican committee members argued that restrictions on first trimester abortions are unconstitutional.  I replied that these are mostly second trimester abortions done when the sex of the child can be more reliably determined. Another claimed that a male giving his girlfriend a “morning after pill” could be held guilty for performing an illegal abortion. I explained there can be no prosecution without “proof” and MAP abortions do not account for the sex of the child. 
It was clear the die was cast despite excellent testimony by a sidewalk counselor from Tidewater who personally witnessed a couple enter an abortion clinic explaining they already had girls.  This witness also relayed a story told by a General Assembly employee of an acquaintance who divorced her Indian husband when he wanted her to abort their daughter.  Clearly this is a problem that the General Assembly chose to ignore rather than face media scrutiny.
HB 1557: Concealed Carry for School Safety Sent to Governor
Every organization (NRA, GOA, VCDL, and NAGR) which supports our Second Amendment testified in support of this bill.  Several teachers also gave excellent testimony about their desire to protect their students. The hearing room was packed. A Fairfax teacher reported that his students asked if he would take a bullet for his students. He said, “Yes, but I would rather give one back to stop a bad guy.” Governor McDonnell’s representative asked that this bill be “studied” by his Task Force, so it did not pass the Committee. The Task Force is supposed to endorse legislation by the end of January. Please contact the Governor and urge him to support HB 1557.
Judicial Nominee Tracey Thorne-Begland Confirmed as Judge
Democrats, joined by 37 Republicans, confirmed District Court Judge, Tracy Thorne-Begland, an avowed activist for the homosexual agenda who worked with the radical Human Rights Campaign. HRC advocates for homosexual, bi-sexual, and trans-gender “rights” (every American is protected by our Bill of Rights) including insurance coverage for sex-change operations. 
Virginia probably has appointed in the past, judges who were homosexual, however, they were not 24/7 activists for radicalizing our culture to “accept” homosexual behavior as normative.  Our Founders extolled “the laws of nature and nature’s God.” This judge, (who will likely be tapped for higher courts), by announcing his homosexuality on Nightline, and defying Military Code while serving in the Military, demonstrated a lack of judicial temperament. Here is a news article which includes the roll call vote. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my report. 


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