Thursday, January 31, 2013

URGENT ACTION ALERT - Action needed today!!!

JANUARY 31, 2013






HB1430 passed the House Committee on Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources with a re-enactment or delayed enactment clause for July 1, 2014. This means if the bill makes to the Governor's desk for his signature in this session, it must once again pass both houses and be signed into law in 2014 before it will be effective.


YEAS--Sherwood, Ware, R.L., Wright, Orrock, Scott, E.T., Marshall, D.W., Poindexter, Pogge, Knight, Edmunds, Wilt, Morefield, Webert, Ransone, Fariss, Lewis, Bulova, Sickles, James, Torian, Keam--21.




The fight to pass and enact this law on July 1, 2013 is not over and we will continue to stay on the frontlines and keep you up to date on HB1430.




HB2012 to place a moratorium of drones for a year passed the House House Courts of Justice Sub-Committee: #1 Criminal with the following amendments:


  1. The moratorium is for two years rather than one, extending it to 2015.

  2. Provides the Governor with use of drones in the event of an emergency.


YEAS--Bell, Robert B., Cline, Gilbert, Villanueva, Morris, Watts, Herring--7.


NAYS--Albo, Miller--2.


In May of last year, Governor McDonnell praised drone technology saying they are "great" and urged its use domestically for the same reasons it is deployed overseas.


Governor McDonnell should be held to the same standard as law-enforcement when it comes to unwarranted surveillance with the use of an unmanned drone. But McDonnell made it clear that he believes drones should not only be used domestically for surveillance, but to be used for the same reasons they are deployed overseas.


The Commonwealth of Virginia is not a combat zone. Why would any Governor be allowed to use armed unmanned drones against the citizens of Virginia?


Obama would be proud!


This is unacceptable and our legislators in the House need to hear our outrage loud and clear!


The bill is on its way to the full Committee on Courts of Justice and their next meeting is Friday, February 1, 2013.  


Please contact members of the committee and urge them to strike the provision that the Governor would have use of armed unmanned drones under any circumstances from HB2012.


We have a President with a kill list and weaponized drones at his disposal and he is all too willing to use them for whatever reason he sees fit. We don't need a Governor with them, too.


Tell them that the use of weaponized drones domestically is an act of war against the citizens of the Commonwealth.  


Law-enforcement has helicopters and planes at it's disposal in case of emergencies and drones are for combat, not domestic use.


Please copy and paste the email addresses below to contact members of the full committee:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,





The Rules Committee meeting, that was originally scheduled for Tuesday, is rescheduled for today at 4:00 pm in the 6th Floor Speaker's Conference Room.  


HB2223 to prevent infringement of under United Nations' Agenda 21 is on the docket.


If you haven't already done so, please copy and paste the email addresses below to contact members of the committee and urge their support for HB2223:,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Delegate Johnny S. Joannou (no email) Call (804) 698-1079


Please contact members of these committees without delay!


Yours in liberty,

Donna Holt

Executive Director

Virginia Campaign for Liberty


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