Saturday, January 26, 2013

It just won't die!

Dear Robert Bruce,

You’ve made your voices heard, and Richmond is listening.

After being deluged with your calls and emails, the Militia and Police Subcommittee threw out every single anti-gun bill I warned you about a few days ago.

Hats off to each of you who took action!

Last week Delegate Todd Gilbert ignored his constituents and led the effort to stall the pro-gun School Safety Bill. We told you about his betrayal, and you flooded his office with calls and emails. Experienced aides at the Capitol say they’ve never seen anything like it!

Under this kind of pressure, Del. Gilbert was forced not to support ANY of the anti-gun bills before his subcommittee in Thursday. All were either killed or delayed.

But there's more trouble brewing ahead.

The anti-gun crowd is pushing another bill that registers Virginia gun owners with Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.

The new bill number is SB 1299, and it is scheduled for its first vote as early as Monday morning, Jan. 28th.

We need to act quickly to stop this nightmare. If passed it will be used to keep law-abiding folks like you and me from purchasing a firearm.

Please email the key members of the Senate Committee below and urge them to kill any attempts to give your private information to Eric Holder.

You can email the targeted committee members with the list below (just copy and paste the list and email them all at once).

As always, feel free to use the sample message below to help direct your comments.

Senate Courts of Justice Committee

Key Members Email List
(just click, or copy and paste):;;;;;;;;

After you’ve sent your email, you can do even more to stop this bill by calling the key members of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee listed here:

Sen. John Edwards - (804)698-7521

Sen. Thomas Garrett - (804)698-7522

Sen. Ryan McDougle - (804)698-7504

Sen. Thomas Norment - (804)698-7503

Sen. Mark Obenshain - (804)698-7526

Sen. Bryce Reeves - (804)698-7517

Sen. William Stanley - (804)698-7520

Sen. Richard Stuart - (804)698-7528

Sen. Jill Vogel - (804)698-7527

Thank you in advance for taking action to defend our gun rights.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Vice President

P.S. I've just received word that a new bill, SB 1299, is being introduced to register Virginia gun owners with the Obama Administration.

We need to act quickly, as the Senate Courts of Justice Committee is scheduled to vote on this anti-gun nightmare as early as 8:00 AM on Monday, January 28th.

This is a major threat to true 2nd Amendment rights supporters like you and me.

Please contact the key members of the Senate Courts of Justice Committee above and urge them to kill any attempts to send gun owners’ private information off to Eric Holder.

Feel free to use this sample message to direct your comments:

-------------Sample Message---------------

Dear Senator,

As a 2nd Amendment supporter I strongly urge you to vote against SB 1299. This bill would force State Police to provide sensitive information, including juvenile records, to the Federal Government to deny Virginians their right to bear arms.

By federalizing the Commonwealth’s criminal database, any Virginian would be subject to Federal scrutiny by bureaucrats like Obama’s corrupt Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Currently, Virginia State Police already provide sensitive information regarding dangerous criminals who shouldn’t own firearms. SB 1299 would allow the National Instant Background Check to override Virginia’s criminal database system and make it more difficult for our police to access information on criminals and virtually impossible for police to reinstate the rights of Virginians who are no longer criminals.

Please oppose and vote against SB 1299. The National Association for Gun Rights will keep me informed on your vote.



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