Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Action Alert: Counter The Pro-Abortion Rally Today With A Few Computer Clicks!

Victoria Cobb, President
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Action Alert: Counter The Pro-Abortion Rally Today With A Few Computer Clicks! 
We are still receiving heartwarming comments about the Virginia Stands For Life Gathering that we co-hosted with more than two-dozen state and national pro-life organizations on the first day of the 2013 General Assembly session. Grassroots activists and legislators alike have told us how important it was for us to have a presence in Richmond and remind lawmakers we are the majority in Virginia.
We also know that a one-day show of strength is not enough. The other side is relentless in its hysteria to contrive the image, with the help from its allies in the media, that it is the majority. Not only did its minuscule “counter protest” to our 1,000-person gathering gain just as much media attention, but it is holding its “lobby day” at the capitol today to further the perception that Virginians favor abortion. 
However, you can combat those efforts with a few simple strokes of your computer! Please e-mail your senator and delegate a pro-life message, urging them to stand for life this session! Thank them for their previous pro-life votes. Or politely urge them to reconsider their opinions if they have not voted pro-life in the past. Nothing would be better than for senators and delegates to be flooded with pro-life messages this morning before a Planned Parenthood or NARAL representative even shows up at their office door! If you could not attend our Gathering for Life, this is your chance to impact your legislators. If you did attend, consider this leveraging your voice with them.
Simply click the links below and write your delegate and senator a short, thoughtful, note. Consider this our virtual lobby day! Then, check your e-mail box, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and blog, for the latest news and features about all the fast moving events at the General Assembly the mainstream media does not cover. We’re getting a record numbers of hits . . . it’s just like being here! 
If you’d like to do more, we are hosting a Life Outreach and Compassionate Response event at the capitol today in response to the pro-abortion rally. For more information about attending, please click here. 
ACTION: Contact both your senator and delegate with a stand for life message, urging them to vote pro-life during the 2013 Virginia General Assembly session! 

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