Monday, January 28, 2013

Ken needs your help

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Dear Friends,

For the last three years our Republican team in Richmond has been working to grow our economy and create new jobs all across the state.

They have worked to build an environment where businesses can thrive, create new jobs, and provide more opportunity for all Virginians. Unfortunately, there are some who want to tear down the free-market successes we have seen the past few years by weakening our right to work laws and pushing the agenda of union bosses instead.

Over the past few years Unions have seen major setbacks, first in Wisconsin when Governor Scott Walker took them on and won and then again last month in Michigan. Then last week a federal court ruled that President Obama broke the law when he illegally appointed pro-union members to the National Labor Relations Board and overturned all of their decisions from the past year.

Because of all of these set backs, the Unions are in trouble. So they have decided to roll the dice and bet on Terry McAuliffe and the Democrats here in Virginia. On his most recently campaign finance report, nearly 10% of his cash came from out of state unions, and when he ran for Governor a few years ago he raised nearly $1 million from them.

Look, the Unions aren’t helping Terry because he’s a swell guy. They know that money talks to Terry and that he will owe them big if he is elected Governor. Just remember, this is the same Terry McAuliffe who ran Bill Clinton’s legal defense fund and rented the Lincoln Bedroom to the highest Democratic bidders.

A few days ago Democrats in the State Senate killed an amendment to our constitution that would ensure a secret ballot in all union elections. This is just their first step in appeasing their union donors, and if Terry is elected Governor, the Unions will have a strong ally in Richmond.

We know that the Unions and Terry’s Washington Insider connections are going to allow him to raise a lot of out-of-state cash. I would imagine that most of that cash is going to be spent viciously attacking Ken. That’s what Terry does best, and so we are preparing for it.

But you can help us beat all of that out-of-state cash and Terry’s attack machine. As you know, Ken has been outspent in every campaign he’s ever run and I expect this year will be no different. But you can offset Terry’s out-of-state cash by becoming a Cuccinelli volunteer right now.

Please click here to join our campaign and to volunteer to talk to your neighbors and friends about why Ken is the best person to serve as our next Governor. We can overcome Terry’s out-of-state cash by having you on our team.

On to victory!


p.s. By clicking here you can become a Cuccinelli volunteer and helping us overcome Terry’s out-of-state union cash. Can Ken count on your help? Please click here to help make a difference.

Dave Rexrode, Campaign Manager
Cuccinelli for Governor
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