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Fw: VA Single License Plate legislation - SB771

Fellow Delegates: Reminder FYI
Thanks Mark!!
From: Mark Falin
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Subject: Re: Fw: VA Single License Plate legislation - SB771

Our Legislators go to Richmond on Monday for three months. Now is the time to go on the record with our needs.

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Fellow VPCCC Delegates: FYI
Thanks Bob!!
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Subject: FW: FW: VA Single License Plate legislation - SB771



One of our members sent some additional information on how to identify and contact the correct legislator.  Thought clubs might find it useful.


Thank you,


Bob Carlson


2133 Upton Dr.

Suite 126 - Box 204

Virginia Beach, VA 23454-1194 


From: alqaqish 
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To: Robert Carlson
Cc: Al Davis; Asa Wilson; Bill Turner; Bill Turner; Carolyn Coble; Chris Conry; Dave Guthrie; David Rasbold; Frank Terranova; Frank W Klucznik; Glen Spence; Henry Pascucci; Herb Carlson; Jamie Moon; Jim Albright; Jonathon Snyder; Luke Lukens; Rob Jensen; Rodney Dawes
Subject: Re: FW: VA Single License Plate legislation - SB771


You can also contact your state representatives online at the link below.  Then on top of the page click on "who is my Legislator".  Enter your address and you'll be taken to a page with the names of your legislators.  At the bottom there is a link "Send a message to your delegate and senator".  Click on it then fill in the form.  I just copied and pasted the contents of the letter to the online form.  Be sure to changed the letter from SB27 to SB771, as it was changed for 2013.


In order for the state legislators to take this seriously we all need to contact them.  The more auto enthusiast that write to state legislators the more seriously they will take our request.  It only takes 5 mins or less to complete the online form.






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