Monday, January 16, 2012

VA-ALERT: VCDL Lobby Day in the news!

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From WTRV (Ch. 6, Richmond):

Between 500 and a thousand gun rights advocates will gather at the Virginia Capitol Monday to talk to lawmakers about their lobbying agenda this session.

Virginia gun rights advocates believe they've got a good shot this year at getting what they want at the General Assembly. In years past their legislation would make it through the Republican controlled house but later die in the Senate.

"Do I think we have a better chance this year than last? Yes, significantly," said gun rights advocate Philip Van Cleave.

Republican control of the Virginia Senate and its committees gives gun right supporters new hope that this year they will be able to repeal a number of Virginia's gun control laws, starting with one gun a month.

They argue that the limited purchase for Virginians shouldn't be based on the bad actions of a few.

"A criminal does something wrong, he pays the price--we didn't do anything wrong, he did," said Van Cleave.

Pro-gun advocates feel the same reasoning could be applied to college campuses. They believe removing guns doesn't lessen the chances for a crime to happen. In fact, they argue it would protect people.

But for some college students it's a scary prospect.

"It would make me feel really uncomfortable knowing that someone is around the campus with guns," said student Jamelia Draine.

Finally, advocates plan to try and remove state background checks on gun buyers, putting the responsibility only in federal hands to do the check.

Gun advocates say it will make business more efficient for gun dealers. But gun control advocates say getting more guns more easily means more violence.

"Things are bad enough as it is, people are getting killed…having guns is not good," said control advocate Delonte Morrow.

A pro-gun rally will begin at 11 a.m. Monday on the Capitol grounds near the bell tower.

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