Tuesday, January 17, 2012

VA-ALERT: Faculty Carry bill to be heard today at 5 PM!

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1. URGENT ACTION: Faculty Carry Bill
2. New bills and correction

1. URGENT ACTION: Faculty Carry Bill

Today, Tuesday, January 17th, Delegate Bob Marhsall's bill that would allow college and university faculty with CHPs to carry concealed on campus, is going to be heard in subcommittee!

The meeting is in the West Conference Room and the 8th floor of the General Assembly Building and starts at 5 PM. If you can make it, come out and show support.

We don't have a reflector set up for that subcommittee (nor the main committee) yet. If you are a constituent of Delegate Rust, Landes, Massie, Greason, or Dudenhefer, send them an email in support of the bill and give their legislative offices a call.

Email addresses:



Rust: 804-698-1086
Landes: 804-698-1025
Massie: 804-698-1072
Greason: 804-698-1032
Dudenhefere: 804-698-1002

Suggested email subject: SUPPORT HB 91!

Suggested text:

I urge you to SUPPORT HB 91, which removes any prohibitions on faculty at universities and colleges from carrying a concealed handgun for self-defense as long as the faculty member has a concealed handgun permit.

Police often can't respond until it is too late when a criminal attacks on campus, as was the case in 2007 at Virginia Tech. This bill would make our public campuses safer for everyone.

2. New bills and correction


The top sheet on the 2012 VCDL Gun Bill Analysis package had bill HB 224 by Delegate Herring. It should have been SB 224 by Senator Herring (there are two Herrings, a Delegate and a Senator). The actual bill information inside the packet was correct.

New bills:

HB 1114, Delegate Morris, protects shooting ranges from attacks like we have seen in Sussex County, where the Board of Supervisors is trying to make it too onerous to open new ranges or to run existing ranges. VCDL STRONGLY SUPPORTS this bill (it was drafted by VCDL).

SB 554, Senator Favola, disarms someone if they have an emergency protective order issued against them while in the residence of the alleged victim (which could be the other person's own home). The order is issued by a magistrate, who is NOT an attorney, and without due process, so it is a flimsy basis to deprive someone of their civil rights. If the alleged victim and the other person live in separate residences, the alleged victim can already forbid the other person from being on their property. VCDL STRONGLY OPPOSES this bill.

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