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Message from Bear Witness - Florida Alert - National ID Card/RFID

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National ID Card - RFID Alert


It was bad enough that the Florida Legislature passed the REAL ID act in 2008 that placed unnecessary burdens on citizens and required a mountain of paperwork to just renew your driver’s license.

Now the House Transportation and Highway Safety subcommittee just unanimously passed a bill to further dismantle our Fourth Amendment rights to privacy and furthers the goal of a National ID card that we call “Dangerous ID”!

The federal REAL ID Act gives the DHS Secretary unlimited authority as to the purposes for which a REAL ID can be required. These could include banking, buying online, buying groceries, etc.  There is no prohibition against any purpose being authorized by this one individual.

REAL ID came to us in Florida as four of 40+ sections of a 2008 omnibus Highway Safety bill (CS/SB 1992); this new House Bill 1223 is also an omnibus Highway Safety bill. It contains the "electronic authentication" language Sen. Flores tried to slip in to SB 1150 last session, as well as "enhanced" driver’s licenses that will likely contain a Radio Frequency ID (RFID) chip.

Please contact the below members and ask them to pull out any electronic authentication or enhanced driver’s license language - they can do so with an amendment.  

Since the areas of concern are just two sections of a 60+ section omnibus Highway Safety bill, it is far more likely to pass without anyone reading it - just as REAL ID did in 2008.  Add to this the fact that there are “federal dollars” tied to other sections of the bill and legislators will be hesitant to vote against it.

Other states use RFID in their enhanced licenses, and US passports use it as well. These have been easily hacked since at least 2008 with potentially disastrous results.  An RFID reader can be had for under $20, and you only need to be within about 20 feet of the card to read it.

Electronic authentication as worded in HB 1223 is very vague. It includes the term “mediametrics” that no one can define. It does not specify RFID, but it does not prohibit it. It does mention a “security token” which is a device that can be utilized via RFID.

Electronic authentication along with enhanced driver’s licenses are a very bad idea for Florida, as any benefits are greatly outweighed by the risks.

To read more about "Electronic Authentication" and why we should oppose this scheme, click here.

HB 1223 next goes to the Transportation and Economic Development subcommittee. Please contact the below members and ask them to pull out any electronic authentication or enhanced driver’s license language.  

The above information was provided courtesy of Florida Campaign for Liberty

P.S. - Please contact the below members and ask them to pull out any electronic authentication or enhanced driver’s license language - they can do so with an amendment.  The bill’s sponsor is Rep. Albritton.  Please also politely ask him to pull these sections from his bill, which are bad for all Floridians.

Bill sponsor: Albritton, Ben

Transportation and Economic Development subcommittee

Horner, Mike [R] Chair
Burgin, Rachel V. [R] Vice Chair
Rogers, Hazelle P. "Hazel" [D] Democratic Ranking Member
Bernard, Mack [D]
Brandes, Jeffrey "Jeff" [R]
Brodeur, Jason T. [R]
Broxson, Douglas Vaughn "Doug" [R]
Caldwell, Matthew H. "Matt" [R]
Drake, Brad [R]
Jenne, Evan [D]
Mayfield, Debbie [R]
Ray, Lake [R]
Steinberg, Richard L. [D]
Taylor, Dwayne L. [D]
Workman, Ritch [R]









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