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VA-ALERT: Legislative Update! Action Items, more 1/24/12

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3. CHP holder stops armed robbery
4. Support Starbucks on February 14th!


Good news! The first pro-gun bill to be voted on this year, Senator Obenshain's SB 245, passed easily out of committee and now heads to the Senate Floor, where it will be voted on later in the week by the entire Senate. SB 245 clarifies that during a declared state emergency that our right to transport and carry firearms is protected.

The following Senators voted to support your right to self-defense in a state emergency:

Ruff, Colgan, Stosch, Martin, Herring, Petersen, Barker, Vogel, Stuart, Black, Reeves, Garrett, Deeds, Ebbin

And only Senator Locke voted to leave you helpless.


Tomorrow, Wednesday, January 25, 1/2 hour after the Senate adjourns, the Senate Courts of Justice is going to hear a bunch of gun bills and I will be there to speak on them. If you can make it to the committee hearing to show support (and put on a "Guns Save Lives" sticker), that would be great! The committee meets in Senate Room B on the ground floor of the General Assembly Building.

SB 4, Senator Stuart, Castle Doctrine (VCDL is neutral)
SB 64, Senator Stanley, Castle Doctrine (VCDL is neutral)
SB 67, Senator Stanley, removes option for localities to fingerprint first time CHP applicants (VCDL Strongly Supports)
SB 224, Senator Herring, makes it easier to disarm someone for LIFE who is convicted of MISDEMEANOR domestic violence (VCDL Strongly Opposes)
SB 323, Senator Carrico, repeals One Handgun a Month (VCDL Strongly Supports)
SB 379, Senator McEachin, makes private firearm sales illegal (VCDL Strongly Opposes)
SB 429, Senator Ruff, streamlines the Virginia form used for purchasing firearms (VCDL Strongly Supports)
SB 554, Senator Favola, disarms someone with an emergency protection order without due process (VCDL Strongly Opposes)
SB 563, Senator Ruff, cleans up some minor issues in the concealed weapon code (VCDL Strongly Supports)
SB 612, Senator Black, moves long gun to the federal NICS system from the Virginia Instant Check system to improve the amount of time needed to run background checks (VCDL Strongly Supports)
SB 648, Senator McEachin, adds yet another penalty to a gun owner who is in possession of a gun while intoxicated (VCDL Strongly Opposes)
SB 670, Senator Garrett, removes option for localities to fingerprint first time CHP applicants (VCDL Strongly Supports)


Here are a bunch of automatic emails that you need to send ASAP in support of key bills that are on the move. Click on the link below each bill to send a message (that you can customize if you wish) to your Senator or Delegate, as appropriate. The system figures out who your legislator is based on your address and zip code.


SB 67 and SB 670, Senators Stanley and Garrett, removes option for localities to fingerprint first time CHP applicants:



SB 324, Senator Carrico, state-agency preemption that makes gun laws across the Commonwealth consistent, a concept supported by Attorney General Cuccinelli:



SB 224, Senator Herring, makes it easier to disarm someone for LIFE who is convicted of MISDEMEANOR domestic violence (VCDL Strongly Opposes):



SB 323, Senator Carrico, repeals One Handgun a Month:



SB 379, SB 554, and SB 648, Senators McEachin and Favola, makes private gun sales illegal, disarms person with emergency protection order in residence of victim, and makes open carry while intoxicated yet another crime, respectively:



SB 612, Senator Black, requires that background checks for long guns be done by the federal NICS instead of the Virginia Instant Check System. This helps fix the extremely slow firearms background checks that gun owners in Virginia have been experiencing for the last several years:



Let's let our Delegates know that we want to protect shooting ranges. Click on the link below to send a message to your Delegate about supporting HB 1114:


3. CHP holder stops armed robbery

Hold up a restaurant, point a gun at a CHP holder, and face the consequences:

From UPI: http://tinyurl.com/7fpr8w2

Waffle House armed robbery suspect caught

Published: Jan. 23, 2012 at 12:13 PM

SPARTANBURG, S.C., Jan. 23 (UPI) -- Police said they apprehended a suspect in a botched robbery of a Spartanburg, S.C., Waffle House restaurant in which his accomplice was shot dead by a customer.

Kenneth Jowan Craig, 29, of Spartanburg was charged with armed robbery and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. Craig allegedly attempted to rob the Waffle House Saturday morning with Dante Lamont Williams, 19, of Roebuck who was shot by a customer, police said.

Justin Michael Harrison, 22, of Boiling Spring, who had a concealed weapons permit, told police he fired on Williams because he "decided that his life and the lives of the others in the Waffle House was in danger," The Greenville (S.C.) News reported. Investigators said Williams died immediately. No one else was injured in the attempted robbery.

Harrison tried to stop Craig from fleeing, but failed. Lt. Tony Ivey told the Spartanburg (S.C.) Herald-Journal Craig was taken into custody later that day without incident.

Craig was being held at the Spartanburg County Detention Facility without bond.

4. Support Starbucks on February 14th!

The anti-freedom crown (all 10 of them) are going to boycott Starbucks starting on Valentine's Day, February 14th, to protest Starbuck's policy of not prohibiting their law-abiding customers from carrying.

We, of course, want to make February 14th a good day for Starbucks, with sales being higher than normal. So, let's all patron Starbucks on February 14th and take your spouse or significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day! Since the boycott is supposed to be ongoing, we should try to keep our support ongoing, too.

(A few years ago the Brady Campaign tried to organize a Starbuck's boycott. Unfortunately for the Brady Campaign gun owners helped make sure that Starbuck's profits ROSE that year instead of falling. The Brady Campaign was given a humiliating defeat as Starbucks stood their ground.)

Here's the anti's press release (you might want to duct tape your head before reading such stupidity so that your head doesn't explode all over your computer screen):


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