Sunday, February 9, 2014

Your taxes ... paying for VA's elected officials to meet with ALEC?!

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Virginia Chapter - Sierra Club

Dear Robert,

VA Capitol

Do you know what you’re buying with your Virginia tax dollars? How could you, when Legislators and corporate lobbyists hold secret meetings? In the wake of scandal, it’s time for greater transparency in Virginia. 

Senate Bill 500 will stop all public officials from paying their way with your taxpayer dollars when they go to meetings held by the infamous corporate bill factory ALEC-- the American Legislative Exchange Council.

This bill, which prohibits Legislators from using state funds to attend secret meetings, passed the State Senate on Thursday. But now it’s headed to the House of Delegates and Speaker Howell, who sits on ALEC's national board and chairs the committee that will hear this bill next. 

That means we need your help to convince your Delegate to join the State Senate and prohibit Legislators from using state funds to attend secret meetings. 

Keep the momentum going today by telling your Delegate you don’t want your tax dollars funding secret meetings like those held by ALEC.

For years, we have been paying out of our pockets for Legislators to attend closed-door meetings with out-of-state lobbyists for corporate interests, including ALEC. Ending it now is essential to restore accountability and transparency in Virginia.  

Tell your Delegate to vote YES on SB 500!

Thank you for all you do for our environment,

Corrina Beall,
Legislative Coordinator

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