Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Need Your Help

February 12, 2014

Brenda Roberts

Saturday, Feb 15th, 4:30
Our Senator, Frank Wagner, is running for 2nd District Chairman. I won't bore you with all the inter-party details. In sum, this position is crucial to how we move forward as a party. Senator Wagner desires to have a more inclusive party and so do I.


To give you a snapshot of what we should not do, I'll point you to the recent nomination of Mr. Bloxom on the Eastern Shore. He was nominated in a non-inclusive mass meeting. The meeting was held in a far corner of the district in one building. Over 1000 people came out to have a say in who represents them. They could not just vote and leave, but would have to stay for hours. There was a long wait to get in the building, many left upon seeing the long line. Even worse, approximately 150 Republican voters who had been waiting outside in line were told to leave due to the building being over capacity. Unacceptable.


Join us at Shorebreak for some beverages and pizza on us this Saturday at 4:30pm. We must make sure Senator Wagner takes the lead and that the scenario above does not happen to other voters who simply want to participate in our sacred democratic process. We need registered voters to sign up to help.



 2941 Shore Dr.

Virginia Beach,VA 23451




Delegate Scott Taylor




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