Monday, February 10, 2014

The truth hurts

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Dear Robert,

As a candidate, Mark Warner promised Virginians he would bring fiscal responsibility to Washington. Unfortunately for him, Virginians will be comparing his promises and his record when they go to the polls in November.

And the truth hurts.

In Washington, Senator Warner has voted for nearly $1 trillion in new taxes and $7 trillion in new debt. Now, that’s not campaign rhetoric, that’s fact. Politifact has assessed this statement, which Ed made when he announced his candidacy last month, as true.

When you have an incumbent with Mark Warner’s record of bad votes and broken promises, Virginia voters deserve to know about it. If they do, then we will beat Warner in November. Sign up to be a delegate today and support Ed at the 2014 Republican Party of Virginia Convention to ensure that our party’s nominee has the right plan of attack to take on Mark Warner.

Finally, it’s also worth noting, in a move emblematic of his record for voting the party line in Washington, the bill raising taxes by $1 trillion Mark Warner supported wouldn’t have passed the Senate without Mark Warner’s vote.

Virginia -- and our country -- simply can’t afford Mark Warner.


Eric Wilson
Digital Director
Ed Gillespie for Senate

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