Friday, February 14, 2014

VA-ALERT: Good news! Another gun control bill dies

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Today SB 510, Senator Favola's bill to take away gun rights for MISDEMEANORS, was recommended to be KILLED by the House Courts of Justice Criminal Law subcommittee. The subcommittee suggested the bill go to the Crime Commission for study over the summer.

I expect the full committee to follow that recommendation. We will keep an eye on this bill when it comes before the Crime Commission to see what they recommend doing with the bill next year. Hopefully they will say it is not needed.

That leaves two gun control bills that are still alive:

House Resolution HR 7, Delegate Hope's bill to ban firearms on the House Floor, I fully expect to die.

SB 65, Senator Marsh's "celebratory gunfire" bill, should get changed to become a reckless endangerment bill, as was done to its House counterpart, HB 810. If that happens, VCDL's position will change from strongly oppose to neutral, as we did with HB 810. We will then see what becomes of the modified HB 65, as well as HB 810, in the Senate.


Senator Carrico's lifetime CHP bill, SB 608, is alive and well in the House. VCDL is working with Senator Carrico to fix some problems with the bill as introduced. In its original form we oppose the bill. However, if we can get the bugs worked out of it, we will be changing our position on it accordingly.

The bill has the added benefit that CHP holders will not have to go through NICS checks when buying firearms anymore. That's because the lifetime permit holders will get an automatic NICS check run on them every year.

I'll keep you posted as the bill progresses.

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