Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Warren, Schumer & McCaskill

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In these first few weeks I’ve been on the campaign trail, I’ve had a number of close friends explain why they’re supporting me and even defend me from baseless attacks from the Left. These are people you know and trust, like Morton Blackwell, Kathy Hayden, Pete Snyder, Mark Obenshain, Rob Bell and more.

Democrats Supporting Warner

Who has stood up to side with Senator Mark Warner? Senator Elizabeth Warren (D - Massachusetts), Senator Chuck Schumer (D - New York), and Senator Claire McCaskill (D - Missouri) have all written to their supporters, encouraging them to donate to Mark Warner.

Will you help me fight back against the onslaught of liberal, out-of-state donors by donating $5 right now?

Why are these Senators from outside of Virginia getting involved with Mark Warner’s re-election campaign so early? They know the score. They know that if we beat Mark Warner in November, they will lose his reliable party-line vote in the Senate--and their majority as well.

Mark Warner promised Virginians he’d be a centrist but 97% of his votes in the Senate have been to support President Obama’s agenda.

Liberal Democrats are rallying around Mark Warner now because they know what we know: Mark Warner’s re-election is in danger. I need your help to ensure we have the resources we need to fight back. Will you help us with a donation of $5 right now?

Thanks for your support.


Ed Gillespie

P.S. You may be asking yourself, why now? What good can $5 do? The answer is: a lot! There’s a saying in politics: “Early money is like yeast, it helps raise the dough.” By getting on board now, your donation will signal to Virginia and the rest of the country that you believe we can beat Warner and his liberal Democrat allies in November.

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