Friday, February 14, 2014

Crossover: Week 6

February 14, 2014
Brenda Roberts
Crossover: Week 6
Halfway Through

We have made it halfway through the session, to the point we call "Crossover" where all the bills that survive switch from House to Senate and vice-versa. We have had great success in the areas I campaigned on, creating jobs and improving our economy, helping veterans, improving education, and protecting all Virginians. I want to highlight some of the success that we have had and want your input on what you think.


HB 340-

 A piece of my alternative fuels legislation that allows localities to tap into an existing state fund to convert their vehicles, such as school buses, to alternative fuels. With diesel prices at approximately $3.70 per gallon and natural gas gallon equivalent at approximately $1.50, the economics make sense. As an example, Virginia Beach school buses drive 52,000 miles per day using 600 school buses.


HB 341 -

Part of my alternative fuels legislation, this bill incentivizes large commercial vehicles to convert to the more environmentally friendly and economical natural gas. It passed through the House today 90-5 and passed unanimously through Senate subcommittee. Large trucks are the number one user of foreign oil. They are now one step closer to getting a break on overweight permits, as natural gas tanks are slightly heavier, incentivizing conversion. This is another bill that helps our economy, reduces carbon emissions, and helps Virginia lead the way in alternative fuels.


HB 561-

Is a bill I introduced that establishes a regulatory program for certification of natural-gas automobile mechanics and technicians by the director of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation, and also determines the requirements for certification. This job-producing bill passed unanimously in committees and on the House floor.



HB 930 - (Greason, I am a Co-patron)

Reduces the number of SOL tests in grades 3 through 8 by 23 percent, requires the Department to evaluate the multiple-choice and rote memorization aspects of the current SOLs and move our assessment system toward problem-solving, critical thinking, and the application of knowledge. Creates the Standards of Learning Innovation Committee, made up of stakeholders who are tasked with evaluating our SOLs and assessments on an ongoing basis to ensure that our assessment s


HB 46 - (Ramadan)-Constitutional Amendment. Real property tax exemption for spouses of soldiers killed in action.


HB 759- (Rust) - Absentee voting and procedures; secure return of voted military-overseas ballots.


HB 776- (Wilt)- Surviving spouses of military members eligibility for in-state tuition.



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Sherriff Stolle and his team stopped by for a visit


Realtor association

Food Bank


Appalachian Cherokee


 Virginia Beach Sheriff and Deputies! 

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