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Taxpayers charge Judge Gamble breaks U. S law ! - (2)

Statement by Kenneth White December 13, 2011 to Nelson County Board Of Supervisors

Following is public Statement by Kenneth White, President of Virginia Taxpayers Association, made at regular monthly me eting of Nelson County Board of Supervisors, at 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, December 13, 2011 in Nelson County Courthouse, Lovingston, Va.:  

Mr.& nbsp;Chairman and members of  the  Board, my name is Glenda Cahoon, 3227 Tye River Road, Tye River, and I am speaking today in behalf of the Virginia Taxpayers Association.  All the words that I will read to your Board have been written and approved by Kenneth White, 93 Shields Gap Road, Roseland, President of the VTA.

First, your Board I believe has unlawfully dis criminated against me, Kenneth White, by eliminating in the approved minutes of the Board?s October 11, 2011 meeting the full prepared Statement I made at that meeting. and giving only a one-paragraph summary, in contrast to the Board?s practice with all the previous 33 Statements I have made at regular monthly Board meetings, which were included verbatim in the minutes.

Other speakers? talks to the Board October 11, 2011 in the public comments segment, made only impromptu without submission of a printed copy, were carried in more detail, sentence by sentence, t han mine.  The Nelson County Times has already totally censored  all the Statements I have made, and now your Board also is censoring my Statements, purely for political reasons, because you don?t like what I say.  This kind of censorship, by an official body, is nothing less than tyranny, and a further promotion of the terribly dangerous national police state.

Second, is the unlawful October 12, 2011 order by Circuit Court Judge J. Michael Gamble (copy attached) against all Nelson County citizens, which your Board has received a copy of from VTA, together with an extended discussion of this unlawful order in the December 6, 2011 VTA news release.  This news release, as you know, has already been carried verbat im on the commonwealth?s leading news web page,, seen each day by many thousands, including scores of Nelson County residents, so all your censorship is being overcome.

Now let it be said plainly:  Judge Gamble is not God.  He can be removed from office, either by failure to reappoint him, or by actual indictment by a Nelson County grand jury for violating his oath of office or a lawful statute--- just as some state and local prosecutors of the same political party as the president of the United States have rightfully sought to remove him from office because of glaringly obvious high crimes and misdemeanors by the present incumbent.

Judge Gamble has jurisdiction over the security of the courtrooms in the courthouse.  He has no jurisdiction over the school board offices, the commissioner of revenue?s office, the county administrator?s office or the treasurer?s office, and cannot lawfully compel any  citizen to go through some special security procedure before the citizen enters those offices. 

Even though it has been a violation of the Code of Virginia since 1988 for someone to bring a gun or other dangerous weapon into the courthouse, Judge Gamble has never before October 12, 2011 issued any special order on this matter, since it has not been necessary, as the December 6, 2011 VTA release has pointed out.  In fact, a citizen could enter a courtroom and sit down quietly even when the court was in session without being stopped or questioned by the deputy sheriff who  was already present in  the courtroom. 

Further, when I came to the courthouse and spoke publicly to the Board  of Supervisors November 10, 2011, and later tried to enter the courthouse December 1, 2011, I parked my car in a handicapped parking space --- even though I am not handicapped and my car has no handicapped sticker or license, because former Board Chairman Allen Hale invited me to do so, even though such action by me was a published misdemeanor. 

But since I have been friendly with the sheriff since his first election, and since he has been friendly with me, and I have given him much important information not carried by establishment media, I knew he would not proceed against me for illegal parking.  And I don?t think the commonwealth?s attorney will do so either.  So Judge Gamble will not be involved in judging my action.

The fact is, you members of the Board of Supervisors have complete security jurisdiction over non-court related functions in the courthouse.  And informed taxpayers will not tolerate a situation where all county employees are treated as a superior class whose briefcases and bags are not required to be inspected like all other Nelsonians.  The fact is, I am a public servant representing others, just as you are, but I don?t get paid and in fact it costs me money to do what I do.

In conclusion, the VTA again demands that you rescind and withdraw the unlawful decision to place a walk-through metal detector at the main entrance to the courthouse, and provide that such detectors shall be used only at entrances to the courtrooms when the courts are actually in session, to properly protect judges against  injury.

That concludes my Statement.



to foregoing Statement)



By the authority vested in the Presiding Judge of the Circuit Court of Nelson County, the Court doth ADJUDGE, ORDER, and DECREE that the following security rules are promulgated effective October 21, 2011:

1  All persons, except those set forth in paragraph 5 below, must submit to screening by a metal detection device at the entrance to the courthouse prior to entering the courthouse.  Upon a positive reading by the metal detection device, a person may be searched and/or denied entry into the courthouse building.

2. Any person who has implanted within the body a pacemaker, defibulator (sic), or other electronic or mechanical medical device may elect to not pass through the metal detection device, but must submit to a search of his or her person by a deputy sheriff prior to entering the courthouse.

3. All containers, briefcases, pocketbooks, backpacks, computers, computer cases, electronic devices, satchels, boxes, files, folders, and bags shall be searched prior to being allowed into the courthouse building.  The persons set forth in paragraph 5 below are exempted from the search of theircontainers, etc. set forth below.  Any person who does not want his or her container, etc. searched may elect to return the container, etc. to a motor vehicle prior to entering the courthouse.

4. Pursuant to Sec. 18.2-283.1 of the Code of Virginia, no person shall bring into the courthouse any weapon, gun, ammunition, explosive, taser, stun weapon, or any weapon set forth in Sec. 18.2-308(A) and Sec. 18.2-308.1 of the Code of Virginia.  Prohibited weapons under this paragraph shall include mace and all knives of any kind, including pocketknives; and any weapon which is subsequently added to Sec. 18.2-283.1 or Sec. 18.2-308 by subsequent amendment to those statutes by the General Assembly.  The

provisions of this paragraph do not apply to any police officer, sheriff, deputy sheriff, state trooper, town policeman, city policema n, judge, magistrate, game warden, or conservator of the peace so long as such person is entering the courthouse on official duties and is not a party to a case being litigated in the courthouse on the date of entry.  A concealed weapon permit does not permit a person to bring a firearm into the courthouse.

5.  All judges, attorneys-at-law licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia,probation officers, full-time employees working in the courthouse, Nelson County police officers, Nelson County constitutional officers and their deputies, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, town policemen, city policemen, magistrates, game wardens, and conservators of the peace are exempted from the screening requirements set forth in paragraphs 1 and 3 above.  If a deputy sheriff working at the entrance of the courthouse does not  recognize the person entering in any of the above capacities, the deputy  sheriff may require identification from the person prior to allowing entry

without screening or search.  For instance, an attorney-at-law may be required to produce a valid and current State Bar card for identification.

6. Any person violating the terms of this order may be held in contempt of court, charged with violating any applicable provision of the Code of Virginia or the United States Code, charged with breach of peace, and/or charged with violating Sec. 18.2-283.1 of the Code of Virginia and/or Sec. 18.2-308 of the Code of Virgin ia.

7. No animals shall be allowed into the courthouse building. Notwithstanding, the above, any guide dog, hearing dog and service dog as provided in Code Sec. 51.5-44 shall be allowed to enter the courthouse building.

ENTERED this 12th day of October 2011.

________(signature)______________________. PRESIDING JUDGE


A Copy, Teste:


Judy S. Smythers, Clerk




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