Wednesday, December 7, 2011

citizen lobby training

I thought y'all would like to forward this to our members & fellow concerned conservatives. With next November's major election, I think it would be smart to get as trained as possible to counteract what the Progressives/Liberals/Democrats are doing. Trust me – THEY ARE TRAINING HARD and have a track record of "community organizing" strategies that turn out the people to vote on election day & then influence legislation after the election!!  With our recent election that only pulled 23% of local eligible voters on the Peninsula and did not get a solid conservative/Republican majority in the VA Senate, we need to get our boots on the ground and get our people trained & moving to have a better chance to turn our country around!! ELECTIONS MATTER – on the local, state, & national levels! It's up to us to learn how to succeed on election day and then keep our elected representatives focused on the Constitution and traditional, conservative American values!
If not now, when?! If not us, who?!Please pass this along!
OPEN TO ALL Two training sessions...back by popular demand ! Thurs, Dec 8Learn to use the General Assembly website from home Sat, Dec 10 Citizen Lobbyist TrainingFace-to-face    How to use the General Assembly website  ALL CoLA Bill Followers must have this training Thur, Dec 8 7-9 pmThis is the same website our legislators use for their work during the General Assembly.Find a bill, get full info on your legislators, what happened to a bill, see the bills your legislators sponsorsed and much more. Everyone does this from their own computerDec 8 at 7pm...Be on this website   Then call 1-218-936-4700. After prompt, enter pass code  78705 #  (To mute or unmute during the call, use *6)   ~~~~~~  Citizen Lobbyist Training LIVE face-to-face Lobbying Training in Richmond If you are interested in learning the nuts and bolts of lobbying, this training would serve you well. Sat., 10 Dec., 10:30 am-3 pmFour-hour training – this will be the bulk of the trainingBring $10 for lunch subs Bon Air Library, 9103 Rattlesnake Rd, Richmond, VA 23235804-320-2461 RSVP to Julie
Mary Leedom

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