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The Goal: Shut down anyone opposing Obama!



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Barack Hussein Obama's Justice Department (DOJ) just went before Congress and announced that it wants the power to prosecute anyone who "lies” on the internet.  And the bill to allow them to do this is being heard TOMORROW, before the U. S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee!


Their goal is very simple.  To use a loophole in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to shut down anyone who is promoting "false conspiracy theories,” or "rumors,” that undermine Mr. Obama or his policies.


TOMORROW, a Congressional Committee will be considering this issue.  Mr. Obama's Justice Department is furiously lobbying for this power under the CFAA to crack down on free speech on the internet!


Please fax every Member of the House Judiciary Committee TODAY, and tell them to block any attempt by the DOJ to monitor political bulletin boards, social networks like Facebook, and even websites of groups fighting Barack Obama and his policies!


This debate is happening TODAY in Washington.  It is critical that your voice be heard TODAY!


Here is what is going on:


Mr. Obama's deputy computer crime chief, Richard Downing, just went before Congress and declared that he should have the ability to prosecute people who "lie on the internet.”  They want to make it federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act to technically breach the obscure "terms of service” of websites and internet companies.

These "terms of service” are the obscure boilerplate language that websites and the internet companies post that no one ever reads, and that are often contradictory.  Many include language prohibiting users from hiding their identities, or using "defamatory” language.  They are almost never enforced.


However, Mr. Obama's Justice Department has figured out that, thanks to a loophole in the CFAA, it can use technical violations of these terms to prosecute just about anyone who is using the internet to discuss politics!


The CFAA was originally passed in 1986 to protect Americans from computer crimes.  It was never meant to be used like this.


Mr. Downing wants to have the power to use the CFAA to police the internet and crack down on any type of political speech that the government feels is "misleading,” or "hurtful.”

Anyone who uses a fun "screen name” to post anonymous anti-Obama comments in a political chat room could be prosecuted.


Any group that transmits a press release that the Obama Administration believes is "hurtful” could be shut down.


As a matter of fact, by merely sending out this email to you, I probably have violated these regulations, and I could be thrown in jail!


Barack Obama is even having billions and billions of internet messages that have been posted on the Twitter social network placed in a giant Library of Congress database!

Already, groups like the U.S. Justice Foundation are being monitored by Mr. Obama's goons.  We have been the target of numerous attempts to hack our website and out computer systems!


By pointing out that Barack Hussein Obama has not proven that he was born in the United States, USJF could be shut down for promoting "false theories” over the internet.

This is a serious and direct attack on free speech.  Barack Hussein Obama is trying to use every obscure law and legal loophole that he can find to maximize his power, and to stifle dissent in America.

We need to act quickly to stop him.

Please fax every Member of the House Judiciary Committee RIGHT NOW.  Please tell your elected representatives to block any attempt by the Obama Administration, and its Department of Justice, to start monitoring political websites, social networking sites, and our personal e-mails, looking for excuses to criminally prosecute and punish his political opponents!


Congress is considering this issue TOMORROW MORNING!

I am not exaggerating.  This scheme is very, very real.  Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., believes that if he can control the internet, and social networks like Facebook, he can guarantee his reelection, and take this country that much closer to his socialist dream.


Please tell Congress to protect our internet free speech!


Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
Executive Director
United States Justice Foundation








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