Thursday, December 8, 2011

Million Dollar Races, Post-Election Reports and New Faces


December 8, 2011




The all-out partisan war for the Senate drove the cost of 13 elections over $1 million.


In the House, where Republican control was never in doubt, the number of races plummeted.
  • In the Senate, the number of million dollar races was up three from 2007, the last time all 40 seats were on the ballot.
  • In the House, million dollar races fell to two from nine in 2007.


Senate Races

SD 17 - $2,588,635 Reeves, Houck
SD 38 - $2,461,361 Light, Puckett
SD 20 - $2,220,213 Stanley, Reynolds, Evans
SD 1 - $2,201,500 Chohany, Miller
SD 35 - $1,824,626 Sarvis, Saslaw*, Pettigrew 
SD 39 - $1,721,693 Baker*, Barker 
SD 21 - $1,507,674 Nutter, Edwards
SD 36 - $1,406,095 Frederick, Puller
SD 22 - $1,388,824 Garrett, Dodson
SD 37 - $1,216,604 Flanary, Marsden
SD 33 - $1,211,912 Phillips, Herring
SD 29 - $1,195,133 Gordy, Colgan
SD 32 - $1,049,231 Forrest, Howell 


* VPAP has not yet received this candidate's post-election report.



House Races

HD 9 - $2,387,599 Poindexter, Armstrong
HD 34 - $1,306,683 Comstock, Danner 


The totals above are current through December 1. The final cycle totals will not be known until January. 

Post-Election Finance Reports Now Online


The nonpartisan Virginia Public Access Project posted campaign finance reports that all General Assembly candidates were required to file by 5 p.m. today. 


These disclosures cover from October 27 through December 1 and provide a detailed look at last-minute contributions and expenditures. 


View Same Day Disclosures


The link above provides an A-Z list of candidates whose reports are available. Select a candidate. You can see summary totals for amount raised this period and the ending balance. You also can click through to lists of contributions and expenditures, which can be sorted by name, date and amount.



House Candidates - Cash On Hand


Senate Candidates - Cash on Hand





Note: VPAP is still gathering reports from the State Board of Elections. The absence of a report listed here does not necessarily indicate a candidate missed the 5 p.m. deadline. 








VPAP staff will work through the weekend to process the transactions from the latest reports into its database. 


By Monday afternoon, VPAP will post value-added data that will allow visitors to sort the information in a number of ways, including:  

  • Sorting a candidate's donors by occupation
  • Viewing a candidate's donors by locality and ZIP Code
  • Seeing each contributor's complete donor history back to 1997

You will receive an email announcement to notify you that VPAP has placed the coded information online.


On Tuesday, VPAP will begin posting candidate reports from the 22 cities and counties it tracks which had elections this November. (Read more about the VPAP Local Elections Initiative.)











Let VPAP get you up to speed on the 22 new delegates and senators entering the General Assembly in less than five weeks.



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