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Hello fellow Conservatives:


In review of the Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by James Webb so far, it has been observed by more than a few political analysts and operatives that many conservatives, both inside and out of the Republican Party, are not 100% satisfied with the choices being offered so far in the Republican field. Of course, there are those likely primary voters who have firmly committed themselves to a particular candidate. The recent exit of Tim Donner, however, only further fuels much of the uncertainty.


The following questions may be relevant to you at this time. Is the candidate you support a strong, proven conservative? Has your (or any) candidate consistently stood firm on his/her conservative principles under heavy fire? Does he/she really have a verifiable track record of conservative activism to sufficiently substantiate him/herself and win your unwavering trust? Do the candidates truly have sufficiently proven legislative experience to know how to get things done in a testy place like the United States SenateDoes your candidate give a great conservative speech, but still seem to lack the history of “on-the-ground” issue activism and battle experience before they were running for office to back it up? That is, when there was nothing in it to gain for themselves personally?


Does your candidate (or any) provide for you the real prospect of change you are looking for in Washington, or does he/she have a record which had contributed to the problems leading to the disastrous elections of 2006 and 2008, along with the other challenges we face today? Or do they have any real record at all?


As late in the game as it may appear, I have decided at this time to begin “testing the waters” for a possible entry into the primary race by Delegate Bob Marshall. I have some simple questions below I would very much appreciate you taking just a few moments to answer as honestly as you can. No other candidate’s names are mentioned, nor is anyone demeaned in any way.


1)      1) Do you consider yourself a staunch conservative, Libertarian, Tea Party/Patriot, a moderate, or simply a “Republican?”


2)   2) Are you satisfied with the choices available in this field of candidates? (yes or no)


3)   3) Have you settled on a particular candidate and committed firmly to that person? (yes or no)


4)   4) Have you donated money to that candidate? (yes or no)


5)   5) Would you … or could you … leave that candidate should you deem that a “better choice” were to become available? (yes or no)


6)    6) Would you be more likely to vote for a Republican Senate candidate in the June, 2012 primary if he had already beaten former Democrat Governor Tim Kaine on public policy issues? (yes or no)


7)     7) If Delegate Bob Marshall were to enter the race very soon, would you either support him, or consider leaving the candidate you currently support to supporting Delegate Bob Marshall? (yes or no)


8)      8)Would you be inclined to volunteer to support Delegate Bob Marshall with some form of activity, such as helping to gather names on petitions to get him on the ballot, among other possible campaign activities? (yes or no)


9)       9) Would you be undecided about Delegate Bob Marshall at this point, but open to considering him over the coming months?



To respond, simply email back to me your answers to questions (1-9) in numerical orderYour responses will have a very major impact in this critical election in Virginia. Please consider them carefully.


Thank you so much in advance for your time and help with this important decision.




Mike Prunty

(757) 329-6879

Yorktown, Virginia

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