Monday, December 19, 2011

"Shoddy Little Trick"

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Allen for Senate

December 19, 2011

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Dear Friends,
An "in your face, tax hiking budget."

That's what the Richmond Times Dispatch called Tim Kaine's budget proposal two years ago.
A $2 billion a year tax hike was the Kaine answer to mounting budget shortfalls in a struggling economy.
The House of Delegates had a unanimous answer for Tim Kaine's budget.
They defeated the tax hike 97-0!
What about the Democrat who introduced it for Tim Kaine?  He opted to abstain rather than vote for it.

Here are six more reviews of Tim Kaine's budget proposal:$6 today
  1. A "radical restructuring of the State's tax code". (The
    Washington Post
    , 12/19/09)
  2. "Shoddy little trick." (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/22/09)
  3. One Democratic legislator called the tax hikes "an attack on the middle class." (The Washington Post, 12/21/09)
  4. Another Democratic official said, "It's not the Virginia way. It will be taxing middle class families..." (Dan Drummond's Blog, The Corner Of, Posted 12/18/09)
  5. "'Hell no. Not for this Democrat.'" - Sen. J. Chapman 'Chap' Petersen (D-Fairfax)  (The  
    Post, 12/18/09)
  6. A former State Democratic Chairman..."not intended to be passed" and "not likely to be taken seriously." (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/20/09)

Delegate Barbara Comstock voted against the Kaine tax hike budget.  In a recent op-ed she wrote:
"So after having his tax increases rejected in Virginia, Tim Kaine now has endorsed the highly partisan Washington big taxing and big spending agenda of the current Administration."
Read Delegate Comstock's full op-ed by clicking here.

Virginia can't afford to give Tim Kaine six more years in Washington.
George Allen needs your help.
$6 today will send a strong message that we can't afford six more years of the Kaine agenda - tax hikes and siding with the President over Virginia families and small businesses.

To build our grassroots team we also need you to send this email to six of your friends, and ask them to do the same.
Thank you for all your help and support.

Mike Thomas, Campaign Manager
George Allen for U.S. Senate

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