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Patriot Candidate vetting - 2012

Patriot Candidate vetting - 2012

Unified vetting is best hope to elect patriot candidates for congress

for Liberty and Limited, Constitutional Government
The Patriot Vetting Committee (PVC) offers FREE help for patriot groups to unify support for the best candidates for congress and senate in each state.   

Dear Patriots,

Electing patriot candidates for congress is the goal we all share in common.  However, getting this to actually happen means unifying support for a suitable nominee in the primary elections.   Without this unity, groups divide support among several qualified patriot candidates, assuring the defeat of all.   Consensus vetting for the best patriot candidates in each jurisdiction is the only practical solution to this problem.

Consensus vetting, however, is difficult because it involves very technical knowledge and resources that are either unknown, non-existent or incomplete in the general public.   Now, however, the Patriot Vetting Committee (PVC) has solved this problem, by offering its unique, specialized FREE tools, plans, and resources to patriot groups in every state.   With PVC support, you get these tools to give you the  maximum chance of getting behind the single best candidates who will then be successful in the November general elections. 

 A working model of the PVC vetting approach is now functioning in the state of Maryland through Free State Patriots,  This same process can also be conducted in your state as well if you want. 

 A single committed patriot can begin the PVC vetting process in your state.  However, time is running out for vetting in the 2012 elections. Many Republican primaries will decide whether there will be a qualified, committed patriot candidate to run in the November general elections. So, please contact me NOW for personal attention and support to get this going in your state. For more details, go to the Patriot Vetting Committee website , Or, just contact me directly if you have questions or would like personal discussion.

 Lee Havis
Patriot Vetting Committee
Free State Patriots
mobile: 240-481-1566

Qualify your group with PVC

Qualify as delegate to GOP convention!  Vital to have a strong team of committed patriots to choose the Republican nominee to run in November general elections.

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