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Volunteers Needed!


 April 1, 2013


We have big plans for education, Tea Party legislation, and voter registration. Help us raise the funds to carry out these programs.

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Our New Executive Director

Interviewed by the Richmond Times-Dispatch


This week I was interviewed by the Richmond Times-Dispatch in connection with my recent appointment as Executive Director. I was happy to see that the article was not about me, but centered on the Richmond Tea Party. I found the folks at the Times-Dispatch to be very fair and professional. All-in-all, this is the type of exposure the Richmond Tea Party needs. Instead of being defined by the opposition, we need to find more ways to communicate our principles directly to the public. In this way, our ideas will win over the hearts and minds of those who have not yet learned to cherish liberty. You can read my responses to their questions here:


Click to read the full story! 



Volunteer Opening! Richmond Tea Party



Have a knack for finances? Help restore Liberty to our Nation by filling this vital position! Duties include maintaining financial records, making deposits, writing checks, tax returns, helping to review contracts. Knowledge of QuickBooks or other accounting software is helpful, as is business or recordkeeping experience. 


Email Larry HERE 




The days of attention getting tax day rallies and similar protests have limited benefit.  It is time to do the hard work of politics.  The Richmond Tea Party understands that we need to get conservative representatives elected at all levels of government.  Therefore, we are asking for your help in our grassroots effort to organize on a local level; community by community, precinct by precinct, district by district.

The RTP will be implementing a "Go Local" initiative to elect conservative representatives at the County Supervisor, Board of Education, House of Delegates, and State Senator levels.


What do we need from you?

  1. Please respond to this email letting us know that we can count on you to help.
  2. Help us to recruit other conservatives to assist with this initiative- we'll need people in all counties.

Then we'll get in touch with you to explain how this effort will work and how you can influence local elections.


Bruce Jaggard

Richmond Tea Party Volunteer Coordinator 




Tell your Legislators to


On HB 2313 Substitute Bill  


General Assembly Back in Session April 3rd


Let your Legislators know how angry you are about this huge, unnecessary, tax hike!


Tell them this is their last chance to show you that they made a mistake; that they are not a Big Tax & Spender


In the 'Reconvened Session' next Wednesday, April 3, the General Assembly will vote on the Governor's substitute bill for HB 2313, the monster $6 Billion dollar tax hike, which is disguised as a transportation bill. Only a little over half of the revenues are earmarked for transportation with no guarantee that they will be spent as proposed because they failed to approve a transportation lock box!



Please Call your Delegate and Senator and demand a NO vote on this substitute.


These legislators voted FOR this massive tax increase in the original version of HB 2313. Please contact them and ask them to change their vote to NO on Wednesday.


Senator Donald McEachin

Senator Tommy Norment

Senator Walter Stosch

Senator John Watkins

Delegate Kirk Cox

Delegate Roslyn Dance

Delegate Riley Ingram

Delegate Manoli Loupassi

Delegate Delores McQuinn

Delegate John O'Bannon


These legislators voted AGAINST this massive tax increase in the original version of HB 2313. Please thank them and ask them to vote NO again on Wednesday.


Senator Tom Garrett

Senator Henry Marsh

Senator Steve Martin

Delegate Betsy Carr

Delegate Peter Farrell

Delegate Jimmie Massie

Delegate Joe Morrissey

Delegate Chris Peace

Delegate Roxann Robinson

Delegate Lee Ware




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