Monday, April 8, 2013

Join the Statewide Momentum Behind Jeannemarie

Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor of  Virginia -- ACTIVATE IMAGES NOW TO SEE THE BANNER!


My name is Tyler Voigt and I am a regional Field Director for Jeannemarie’s campaign for Lt. Governor. Every now and then, I am asked why I work for Jeannemarie and thought I would share my answer with everyone who is thinking about who to support for Lt. Governor at the upcoming Republican state convention.
I am working for Jeannemarie because she is an honest, direct, conservative leader who sticks to her principles and is able to inspire diverse communities to support our party’s candidates. She is a unifier and I believe she is exactly what Virginia needs.
Often candidates will say whatever they need to in order to attract your vote, especially when challenged on a controversial issue.  They will “dance” around the issue by changing the subject, giving you a partial answer, manipulating statistics, or not answering the question at all. They will tell you whatever they feel you want to hear, even if it doesn’t align with their voting record or prior actions on that issue.
This is not the case with Jeannemarie. When she has been challenged during the course of this campaign, she has taken the issue head on, discussing it openly and honestly, treating the citizens of this great Commonwealth with the respect they deserve.
Jeannemarie’s level of experience and knowledge of the issues is also unparalleled. She served for ten years in the Virginia General Assembly (both in the House and the Senate) and three years in the Governor’s Cabinet as the Director of the Virginia Office of Intergovernmental Affairs, where she stood up for Virginia against the Obama Administration. She knows how Virginia’s legislative and executive branches work independently and together, a depth of understanding that is pivotal for effective leadership in the role of Lieutenant Governor.
While serving in the General Assembly, Jeannemarie represented a tough district in Fairfax County, where only 25% of her constituents were self-identified Republicans and yet she won four times, twice with 60% of the vote. One of the reasons for her success was that she was able to draw the vote of minority voters, who make up 30% of the Northern Virginia voting population. These minority voters share our conservative values, but have felt let down by leaders who do not stand on their principles. 
Jeannemarie has engaged these critical voters in her campaign and we have filed hundreds and hundreds of minority delegates, from across Virginia, to participate at the convention, which we believe will draw them back to the Republican Party. That is true leadership and Jeannemarie is the candidate we need in Virginia to grow our party and lead as the next Lieutenant Governor.
Her honesty and openness, as well as the depth of her knowledge and experience, have convinced thousands of Republicans to support Jeannemarie at the Republican convention in Richmond on May 18th
I invite you to join our campaign team in working to make Jeannemarie Davis our party’s nominee for Lieutenant Governor. If you would like to join this statewide movement to elect a true conservative leader as Lt. Governor, please contact me or visit to learn more.
Proud to Stand with Jeannemarie,
Tyler Voigt
Paid for and Authorized by Jeannemarie Davis for Lt. Governor

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