Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Congrats + Fired Up for May!


Congrats on being selected as a delegate for the 2013 Republican Party of Virginia Convention—and a huge thank you for taking such an important role in deciding the future of our Party and our Commonwealth. I couldn't be more excited (and, as you may know, I tend to be excitable, so that's saying something) to get together with you and thousands of our fellow conservatives in Richmond this May to select our entire Republican ticket and blaze a proper path forward for the fall.

You don't need me to tell you that the stakes are high. It's all on the line, and the eyes of the nation are upon our Commonwealth in 2013.

The entire country—not to mention the media—wants to know if we Republicans have what it takes to dust ourselves off and come roaring back in the wake of Barack Obama's relentless assault on our Constitution. More importantly, all are questioning whether we can do so with our conservative principles intact.

Unlike the pundits and the "do and say anything" career politicians, I know our path to victory starts with renewing our commitment to conservative beliefs. Ours is the party of limited government, of life and liberty, and lower taxes—and we must fight to keep it that way.

With our core values guiding us, and driven forward by innovative thinking and problem-solving, Republicans will come back strong in 2013 and show our fellow Virginians how conservative governance can transform lives for the better.

I hope you'll stand with me in this fight by supporting me as our conservative nominee for Lieutenant Governor. It would be a true honor to serve as a partner in conservative reform with our next Governor, Ken Cuccinelli.

You have a number of choices for Lieutenant Governor nominee—and all are good and accomplished men and women, but let me tell you a bit about what separates me from this, shall we say, "crowded" field...

I'm not a career politician—I'm an outsider to politics-as-usual in Richmond. I've spent my entire life in the private sector - creating good paying jobs right here in Virginia and fighting against regulation and red tape at the federal, state and local levels.

I'm an innovator who, unlike Terry McAuliffe, has successfully built two businesses right here in Virginia!

Fourteen years ago, I took a risk, quit my job, and started a business out of my one-bedroom rental. That business, New Media Strategies, turned out to be the first social media marketing company in the world—and grew to become the largest, creating hundreds of good-paying Virginia jobs and inspiring a brand-new, global industry that has created hundreds of thousands of jobs around the world.

But long before I ever became a technology entrepreneur, I was active in our conservative movement. I have built a 20-year record in the trenches of our conservative movement—starting right after I graduated from William & Mary, when I joined up with the iconic U.S. Senate campaign of Lt. Col. Oliver North. I'm proud to call Ollie a friend, and I'm honored that he chose to endorse me for Lt. Governor. I'm also proud to be supported by Ending Spending, the same grassroots folks who placed an early bet last year on a conservative outsider named Ted Cruz, who is now a leading light in the U.S. Senate.

And when Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, called me on the phone to ask if I'd like to join their team, it was like George Steinbrenner called to ask if I wanted to play for the Yankees! I loved my time as a Fox News contributor, taking the fight directly to the liberals under the hot white lights and heavy media scrutiny. I've been tested—and you know that I'm one conservative that can stand up to all the heat that will be coming our way this fall!

But when it came down to it, as the dust settled after Election Day 2012, I had my very own personal "put up or shut up" moment. My wife and I worked tirelessly as volunteers for our entire ticket last year, and we were bitterly disappointed, if not downright depressed, that Barack Obama and the liberals prevailed. I came to recognize that if I truly believed a word of what I said so many times on the stump—that we need to elect more leaders from the private sector and stop turning to the career politicians—then I needed to get off the safety of the sidelines and actually get into the arena in order to make a difference in the direction and future of our Commonwealth.

It's go time and we need to play and think Big - because it's all on the line. That is why our campaign is all about big ideas and bold, conservative solutions, like:

Fundamentally reforming our education system by allowing for free market principles such as school choice and charter schools, so we can inject some much needed competition in our schools and break the strangle-hold of the education special interests and unions. We need to insist on excellence in our schools and, as an alumnus of the College of William and Mary, the first school of higher education in the New World, I want to make sure Virginia leads in education again;

Getting our economy humming in every region of the Commonwealth by eliminating the corporate income tax and making Virginia a haven for job-creators;

And letting liberty shine by reining in the size and scope of government. We can do this by lowering taxes and pursuing a 10% reduction in the overall cost of state bureaucracy. In all of my years in the private sector, I've never met a budget that couldn't be trimmed by 10% - let alone the waste, fraud and abuse that can be stripped away from a bloated government bureaucracy.

Together, we can make these big ideas a reality, and put Virginia at the front of the pack when it comes to job-creation, education, quality of life for our families—and, of course, liberty.

And lastly, between now and the convention, less than 40 days away, you'll hear often from the campaigns of candidates seeking our nomination for Lieutenant Governor. You may already feel inundated with mail, impersonal emails or phone calls—even phone calls from out-of-state call centers or automated "robo-calls."

I pledge to you that whenever you hear from my campaign, you'll be hearing from a live human being, right here in Virginia—like a volunteer, a member of our Pete '13 team, or me personally. I hope the good men and women I'm running alongside for this nomination will agree to do the same; our Virginia convention tradition should be grassroots campaigning at its finest - done in a personal, high-touch, one-on-one fashion.

It's a simple concept, but more so, we all know it's the right thing to do.

Again, congrats and thank you for everything you're doing to help build a bright future for our Party and our Commonwealth. I hope you'll let me be a partner with you in building that future.

Fired Up for May and Beyond,

Pete Snyder


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