Monday, April 15, 2013

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America needs to see you defending the Constitution!



When Senators approve bills without being allowed to read them, only political elites are represented. When they make deals on liquor-laden yachts, constituents are robbed of their voice.

It's time for an intervention!

Our elected officials are watching. They have violated the basic process every American depends on to have their voice heard. They're waiting to see if anyone cares.  America must show them they can't get away with it!

Join Tea Party Patriots across the country on Tuesday, April 16th from 12 noon to 1pm local time at your Senator's local office.

Bring a sign or a flag (or both) and hold a sign waving protest outside the office, then deliver a letter inside. We've prepared a toolkit to help you remind the Senate who they really work for!





Action Alert-hit the telephones Tuesday

Senate Bill 1666 passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and is now headed to the Senate and House Appropriations Committees. Today, constituents drove 6 hours but only special interests got to speak. These are the actions needed immediately:

1. If you know others who would pick up the phone or media contacts, call or post immediately.


2. We have checked with lobbyists and this is the immediate action needed to stop the Senate and House versions of the bill.


3. Call the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and the Senate Chair and file an ethical complaint. Tell them that you are angry because their constituents drove 6 hours and were not allowed to speak. Only special interests were allowed to speak, with one exception. If you represent a group or know a group who is opposed to this bill, get them to register their complaint.


Senator Tom Lee (chair Judiciary Committee) (850) 487-5024

Senate president Don Gaetz (850) 487-5001


4. The Senate Judiciary Committee must submit the bill to the Senate Appropriations Committee today to get it on the agenda for Thursday. The Appropriations Committee meets Thursday and Monday so they have two shots yet to make it.They must submit 48 hours ahead to make the Committee agenda.


5. The House Appropriations Committee meets Friday and next Tuesday. They must submit HB 87 tomorrow to make Friday’s agenda but they still could make Tuesday, the last day.




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