Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Proven Record

Jeannemarie  Davis for Lt. Governor of Virginia -- ACTIVATE IMAGES NOW TO SEE THE BANNER!


Senator Jeannemarie Davis is a proven leader with both a broad appeal to many different kinds of voters, and a proven record of support for conservative, Virginia values. This is why I am proud to endorse her as my candidate for Lieutenant Governor.
Jeannemarie has campaigned successfully in parts of Northern Virginia where Barack Obama gained nearly 60% of the vote. With control of the State Senate at stake, it is crucial that we nominate a proven winner, and Jeannemarie is ready to take the fight to the Democrats this November by putting together a winning coalition that increases Republican performance with Northern Virginia, women, and minority voters. She will enhance the ticket and will help Ken Cuccinelli and our nominee for Attorney General win their elections, as well.
As a former State Senator, she knows how the Virginia Senate works, and she will be an effective leader of that often fractious and frustrating body. Furthermore, Jeannemarie is 100% pro-life and 100% pro-business and has a proven record of a conservative leader.
She has also been an ardent defender of our Second Amendment rights, particularly as a member of the Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee while serving in the House of Delegates, and has stood for the CASTLE Doctrine. candidate can SAY the right things; Jeannemarie has a record of DOING the right things. She will broaden the appeal of the Republican ticket and help insure victory in 2013. I urge all of my Republican friends to support Jeannemarie Davis for Lieutenant Governor.
-Ed Lynch, former chair, Roanoke County Republican Party; former staff member for President Ronald Reagan.
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